The Darndest Things, pt. 2

Today I'm back with another round of funny things that my kids have said/done. Everything in this post happened within the last week. As you can imagine... we've had a pretty hilarious week, and I really don't know where my kids (mostly Jay), come up with these things. 

Earlier this week I was doing dishes in the kitchen and I hear Jay call from the living room:
"Mommy! Jay and Em are so happy!"
I replied with, "And that makes me happy!"
And Jay says, "And that makes daddy happy!"
It really is great that he's learning about the key to daddy's happiness at such a young age. 

A few months ago Jay asked what his nipples were, and we didn't tell him. He asked a few days ago what they were again, and I said, "Your nipples." He then says, "Oh! My nipples! I have two nipples!" while pointing to both of them. 

Later that night at dinner, Derek asked him, "Hey, where is your belly?" Jay pulls up his shirt and points to his belly and says, "Right here!" He then pulls up his shirt a little higher and says, "And these are my nipples." Derek, not knowing that I actually told him what they were, died laughing. Derek also taught him "bum cheeks" a few weeks ago, so as you can imagine... that's come out a few times too. 

Yesterday I was driving in the parking lot at the grocery store and realized I was driving the wrong way. I said, "Whoops, I'm going the wrong way!", Jay shakes his head and puts his face in his hands and says, "Oh Dear..."

Jay's been potty trained for about two weeks now. Last night he was playing with toys and said, "Oh no! I peed on the carpet!" He came running into the kitchen and I went to feel his pants and they were dry. He then said, "Hahahaha I'm smart." I've officially been punked by a three-year-old.

Now that Jay is three this year, he has entered the Sunbeam class at church. In September he'll be participating in his first primary program where all the 3-12-year-old children sing gospel centered children songs for the entire church congregation. We were given a disc last week with all the songs that they'll be singing in the program this year and we've been listening to it everyday in the car. All of the songs on the disc are sung by groups of children, and when I started singing along to one of the songs Jay yelled from the backseat, "No Mommy! Only friends sing the songs!"

And this morning I went to get Em from her bed and she'd taken her pants off. 


  1. "Only friends sing the songs!" Hahaha. I love when kids strip during their naps. It's not terribly uncommon for me to get Darcy up from a nap and find her with pants or shirt missing, or with an arm coming out of, say, the neck hole.

  2. I love your sense of humor and I love how your kiddos are developing their own too! I still can't believe he told you he had peed on the carpet to get you moving! Congrats on potty training!

  3. His to funny!! Congratulations for having such lovely kids!

  4. Thats too funny!