How to Find Clothes at Forever 21

In my last few outfit posts, I've had at least one item on that has been from Forever 21. In high school I loved shopping there all the time because it was inexpensive, and easy since it was one of the very few clothing stores in my small mall back home. Then during college at some point I stopped shopping there, but this last year, I've found myself placing order after order on their website for some new clothes. 

I can't even tell you the amount of times in the last few months where I've been wearing something and someone tells me it's cute and I tell them, "Oh, it's from Forever 21!" The response 100% of the time is "Uh, I hate shopping there, it's so overwhelming, I can never find anything!" I totally get it! I'm right there with you! The stores are so crowded and packed with clothes, and there is zero organization or pattern to how the store is supposed to be laid out. It's a madhouse, and I hate it. Shopping online isn't great either because there are thousands of options for literally everything, and most of the clothes are just cray cray. I have one holy grail tip that has made shopping online a breeze and it is... 

Use the search bar: If I'm looking for something specific like an a-line skirt, or a turtle neck shirt, I'll type that in the search bar and then all those options will pop up. After you search for something in the search bar, you can then sort by color too which makes things super easy! If you just go women > tops > blouses, it won't let you sort for color, this feature only pops up after using the search bar. Also, after searching it gives you the option to sort by length, size, and cut... which options are unavailable if you just click "tops", or "pants". 

Using the search bar really is key for Forever 21. When I find fashion inspiration from one blogger that I can't afford, I can usually find a cheaper version super easily on Forever 21 within a matter of minutes. Below are some of my favorite Forever 21 vs. J. Crew match ups for the spring. I used basic search terms on Forever 21's website such as, "crew neck sweater, chambray shirt, navy pants, silver flats", etc... to find these matches, and now I want to run out and buy all these pieces. 

J. Crew: Necklace// Sweater// Shirt// Pants// Shoes
Forever 21: Necklace// Sweater// Shirt// Pants// Shoes


  1. using the search bar for any online website is just common sense for everyone. I think everyone knows that.

  2. I have avoided Forever 21 for YEARS for those same reasons -- there's just such an ENORMOUS amount of merchandise, and it's nearly impossible to navigate it all, and I end up wondering how on earth anyone manages to find anything cute there when I can only walk in, get overwhelmed, and immediately leave! I'm willing to give Forever 21 another chance, as long as I don't have to set foot inside the store :-)

  3. Great post! I most definitely feel that way, F21 is so overwhelming and the times that I have made an effort I end up wasting my time. Or online the good stuff is always sold out of my size. But lately I've had some luck and I can't wait to try again with your tips, this is such a smart post <3

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