101 Goals in 1001 Days Update - 2016 Wed, Mar 9

It's been a while since I've done an update on our 101 goals challenge. We've actually gotten quite a lot done, and I'm actually starting to think this adventure is a feasible thing for us. Except for the seeing 29 states thing... I have no idea when that will ever happen. I've completed nine goals since my last update and am now 16 goals down which puts me at 15% of goals completed within 14% of the allotted time frame. I feel pretty good about having more goals then days checked off!

Potty Training Jay: We are done potty training. Typing those words seems unreal. I've talked about our potty train struggles multiple times, and to be on the other side of that year and a half journey feels awesome. I'm glad I'm not expected to go through this with Em for at least another four years because I'm not ready to do it again anytime soon.

Get Em Crawling: As a parent of a special needs child, you accept at some point that your child just isn't going to hit milestones ever. Once Em started doing great in her wheelchair, we just kind of accepted she would never walk, and were okay with that. But then she started army crawling in church last Sunday and it was amazing. Totally unexpected, but such a great gift from heaven that Derek and I needed to keep pressing forward with therapy each week.

Take Kids to the Dentist: I finally got both kids into the dentist last week and it went a lot better than anticipated. Jay who has pretty bad anxiety about doctors, obviously through a fit through the entire cleaning an exam, but he had no cavities which really was a huge shocker. Em did great through her exam with only a couple tears, and the doctor gave her a good bill of health (more on that in another post).

Order New Glasses: Jay or Em broke my glasses sometime last year when we first moved here, and I've been living without them for ages. In September I went in for an eye exam since the vision in my right eye had gotten even worse, but then it took me six months to order new glasses and they finally came last week. The frames are bigger than what I'm used to for myself, but I know it will take me forever to order new ones that I prefer, so I'm just going to keep these ones until they break and call it good.

Repaint Our Bed: We bought the bed we have now when we lived in NC and it's been my dream to paint it white for years. A few weeks ago I went through the entire process to paint it, and then it rained before the paint dried outside and completely ruined it before I got the finishing coat on it. Now I have to sand it and repaint it another weekend, but considering I already painted it once, I'm calling the goal accomplished.

Get Rid of Acne: When we moved last year my skin broke out a ton and was terrible. I had big cystic zits on my forehead all the time that I was so self conscious about. I remember I would sit at my computer and Photoshop out all my zits before ever posting a picture of myself anywhere, and going out in public I thought people were only staring at my forehead. My skin isn't 100% flawless, but I haven't had tons of zits in a couple months now. I get the occasional normal 1-2 a month, but it's so much better, and I can't remember the last time I photoshopped a zit so #progress. As long as this holds out through the summer, I'll be happy.

Read 5 Books: Since setting this goal I've actually read nine books, and I'm almost done with number ten. The five that counted toward this goal were The Martian, The Dorito Effect, When is a Planet not a Planet, The Book Theif, and Divergent. I've also read Insurgent, Allegiant, and Unbroken.

Dye My Hair: About a month ago a girl on Instagram emailed me and asked if I wanted to come into the salon she worked in and she would give me a free cut and color in exchange for promotion on my blog and instagram. The day I got home, I loved it, and then when I washed my hair and it wasn't curled the next day, I hated it, and my hair cut wasn't even and I had to trim it even myself, and then I dyed my hair back to brown the next day. I'm still hoping the brown fades out to my natural color eventually, but I think a third dying might be in my future in a few months.

Host a Party at My House: I haven't officially hosted it yet, but I got the book club up and running in my church again, and I'm due to host the gathering in my house at the end of the month and I'm just so excited about it. Maybe this will be the push I need to finish decorating my living room and get the main living area finished in my house!


  1. Haha, you got a free color and cut and she got a bad review. I wonder how she feels about that. As always, no guarantee clients will love something.

  2. I have my own 101 list and I love seeing people's updates!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. I loved this! Thats a bummer about your hair!! Glad you were able to fix it though! Have a great weekend babe!

  4. Yay for so much progress! That feels so good. I was just updating our list this weekend!

    Also: potty training is not for wimps. I still have to get Milo potty trained and there is no amount of money I wouldn't pay to have someone else do it for me!

  5. Im struggling with my son's potty training! I cant wait until he is trained!


  6. Way to go for kicking butt on your goals! I know the potty training one is a big one to tackle! My mom was the director of a day care for years and now teaches child development, and she has always said that boys are so much more difficult to potty train than girls. And Em is such a stud! That is so awesome that she's crawling! I agree, keep pushing forward and don't let anyone set limits for you or her. My cousin has special needs and the doctors said she wouldn't live past 20 and now she's 28! God is good!