A Medical Update for Jay and Em

Every time  I write a post for Em's monthly updates, I get so caught up in all the big milestone things that she's been doing, that I forget to tell about the medical side of things. I also realized that Jay has had is eye surgery done for weeks now, and I haven't talked about that at all. So here I am writing down all the details that I can still remember before they're gone for good. 

Backing all the way up to when Em was about four or five months old, one night when we were still in North Carolina Em was on her roll of screaming her newborn brain off from 6-10pm and when Derek was holding her around 8pm, he came into the bedroom to tell me that he was pretty sure that she could not physically shut her mouth and that her jaw was locked in the open position. Sure enough he was right, our neighbors that lived above us (thanks again Jenny!) came downstairs to watch Jay while we ran her to the ER. While we were in the waiting room, she sneezed and wound up popping her jaw back in place, and we were in a huge line and decided to just go home instead of waiting in the waiting room any longer. 

Over the next few days it kept happening, and we took her into our pediatrician who told us that anatomically there was nothing wrong with her jaw and he sent us on our way. We had a friend from church who happened to be one of the top temporomandibular joint (TMJ) experts in the country and he taught Derek and I how to safely pop her jaw back into place should it ever happen again. Between then and her first birthday we were probably popping her jaw back into place a couple times a week, and then eventually it stopped, but every once in a while you can still see her whipping it back into place on her own. 

When she hit 18 months she was finally old enough to go to the dentist, and because we're lazy parents (or we just have so many other medical appointments that some things just fall through the cracks), it was also Jay's first dentist appointment as well. We explained Em's history with her jaw and he said from everything that he could see, and feel, there is nothing wrong or alarming with the structure of her mouth, and that it's something we'll keep watching as she gets bigger... as for right now though, we're glad that it's nothing incredibly serious that needs immediate attention. Also, Jay and Em both had zero cavities, so we'll just be over here patting ourselves on the back. 

Now to Jay's eye surgery. He had the surgery to correct his crossed eyes on January 28th. It was early in the morning and we luckily got the first surgery slot with his doctor so we didn't have to wait around all morning starving since he couldn't eat before the surgery. It went really fast, and from the time he got wheeled back into surgery (which was incredibly sad!), to the time he got brought back to us, only about thirty minutes had passed. The doctor said that everything had gone really well, there was minimal blood, and that he should be feeling better in no time. 

Sure enough that afternoon Jay was running around our house, building forts, and getting into more trouble than usual. If his eyes weren't filled with blood, you would never of guessed that he had just had surgery that morning. He was never in any pain. We gave him tylenol that night before he went to bed because it just felt like the right thing to do, but he never complained about pain once and was a total champ.

They said it would take a couple weeks post surgery for us to know if it was a success and if his eyes would be completely straight or not, but right from when he got home his eyes looked straight and amazing. The more they healed, and the more the blood in his eyes cleared up, things just looked better and better.

We took him into his two week follow up appointment on February 17th and the doctor gave him a gold star, said his eyes looked great, and then sent us on our way. We were super happy and elated to get such good news. However, we're now two months post operation, and while his eyes certainly don't look bad, or no where near what they were before, Derek and I both agree that there is something that's just a little off. We can't really even tell if one of his eyes is going lazy, or going crossed, but it just doesn't look exactly right. And we've gone so long with having a kid that doesn't look you straight in the eye that we don't know if this small bit of "off-ness" is normal, or if there really is something wrong. We made another appointment to get it looked at again, but of course there weren't any openings with our eye doctor until the middle of next month, so we're just waiting it out at home and hoping for it to either go away, or manifest itself a little more and see what happens. It's so weird for Jay to be having more doctor things going on for once then Em. Not exactly the change of pace we were trying to go for, but at least one of our children get a break for a while. 

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