Em at 19 Months

I remember talking to my dad in college and saying, "I feel like time goes by really fast now that I'm older...", and his reply was always, "wait until you're a parent". Those words are so true. How has Em been around for 19 months? Is that really even possible. When I was in North Carolina this weekend I was sitting in the building that we used to go to church in and remembered that just two years ago, I was pregnant and giving a talk at the very pulpit before my eyes. It seems so strange that her entire pregnancy experience has been over two years ago now. I'm so grateful to be on the other side of that entire situation to see everything that's come from it.

This has been another big month for Em. The biggest thing being that she's finally starting to crawl. It's not the up on hands and knees crawling, but a steady pulling myself across the floor army crawling. It all started in church a couple weeks ago when I was standing in the back of the chapel with her. She was squirming in my arms like she wanted to get down, so I put her on the floor and she started pulling herself towards Derek who was sitting with Jay. True sign of a daddy's girl right there. The negative to this is that she's getting a bunch of bruises on her little elbows and it breaks my mommy heart! (Note to self: find baby elbow pads)

It's been fun to see how many cognitive connections Em is making right now. Last week Jay was crawling on the floor with her in my bedroom and then he said, "follow me!" and then Em slowly chased her way after him, and they played in his room together most of the afternoon. Jay is such an amazing big brother. He loves his personal space so much, so the times when he opens up, and wants to be with Em- my heart just melts. I live for the moments when they play together because it makes all of this feel so much more normal!

An unfortunate milestone that Em has hit over the last month is ripping her diaper off. It would be one thing if she did it just during the day when I'm around to quickly put it back on, but she mostly does it in her crib during nap time and bedtime. As you can guess this means that she wets her bed and gets everything drenched and then we have to do baths, change bedding, and redo the entire bedtime routine. Basically the worst thing ever at 2am... but her wetting the bed is always better than me wetting the bed.

One thing that's helped out are the Huggies Snug and Dry Diapers. My favorite thing is that they are double reinforced on the sides so that it's harder for little fingers to rip them off. Not that it makes them 100% Em proof, but in certainly helps keep the diaper on long enough for me to get her pants back on.

They also have a 12 hour, triple layer protection which makes them perfect for sleeping through the night. We're at this glorious spot in life right now where both kids fit in the same size diaper. Em obviously uses them day and night, but Jay is fully potty trained minus bedtime, and since they're super absorbent, I only have to buy one box of diapers for both kids. After 17 months of buying multiple sizes of diapers, this feels like a huge parenting win. Also we haven't had a diaper leak (you know, when the diapers aren't being ripped off) in ages which also has me feeling like the salsa dancing emoji. 

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  1. What a cutie..
    Time really does fly... I still can't believe my almost six year old isn't my baby anymore.. I still refer to him as a toddler and the 2 year old as a baby.. lol

  2. I'm not a parent yet but watching my niece and nephews grow has really made the time fly! They are so much bigger but I still feel the same. lol. And way to go Em on the crawling!