Kid Talk, Part 3

These are becoming some of my favorite posts to write. Jay thinks that he is so funny lately, and that paired with his threenager attitude toward all things has been making for some interesting conversations over the last month. I guess the funnier part is that most of the time when these things are being said, he thinks it's completely normal, which I guess is what makes the innocence of childhood an adorable thing right?

A few weeks ago I was changing Em's diaper and said, "You just have the cutest little bum I've ever seen" Jay says, "What did you say mommy?", and I replied, "Oh I was telling Em that she has a cute little bum! Just like you!" and Jay responds with, "Oh! Mommy loves bums!" tis true, tis true. 

I've talked a lot about how Jay is finally potty trained. One day he came upstairs holding toilet paper in his hand with his pants down at his ankles and he said, "I made a big poot come out of my bum!" Poot... poot... I die, I love little kid talk. 

Most Saturday mornings we all cuddle in bed for an hour or so before going to make breakfast. One morning Jay pulled the blankets over his head and said, "I'm trying to sleep over here!", and then pops up and exclaims, "Now who's poopy!?" it was him. 

We were driving down the highway to take pictures with my friend Amanda when Jay says, "F-E-D-E-X, that spells truck!"

We needed to go into town one Saturday to take some outfit pictures for this post with ThredUp. I asked Jay to get in the car and he storms off with, "Uh, you're driving me crazy!"

The topic of conversation in our house right now is when should we have another baby. According to Derek never, but when I asked Jay if we should have another baby he said, "NO WAY MOMMY!'

We were all laying in bed one morning and Jay said, "I love my daddy!", and I  said, "Yeah, he's pretty amazing huh?" he walks off and says, "He's not amazing, he's just my daddy..."

When Derek is in traffic and people are driving like idiots he says, "Get out of the way bud!", which Jay has adopted whenever we're in the car now and he screams, "GET OUT OF THE WAY BUDDY! haha mommy I say that just like daddy!", and then I give Derek a mental evil glare.


  1. Oh my gosh, I love it! Made-up spellings and words from kids are my favorite (fedex = truck. Hahaha!). What a sweetie! On a related note to the baby one, Forrest spent a few months begging for another baby (to which my reply was always, 'I don't know, I'll think about it . . . "). He hasn't mentioned it for a few weeks now, so yesterday I asked him if he thought we should have another baby, and he said, "I'll tell you when we can have another baby: never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never..." for about 5 minutes straight. Haha. I guess he changed his mind on the subject of another little sibling ;-)

  2. I love hearing the funny things kids say! Dad's can't be amazing, they're just dads. lol. Jay is too cute! My mom used to work in a daycare and she always had the funniest stories about the things the little kids would say and do. Haha!

  3. too cute! I always say the same thing after changing a diaper.. I have no idea why kid bums are so dang cute! HA! I feel so weird actually writing that out.. other mom's will understand though ;)

  4. Bitch- this is Mel from Mel's Kitchen Cafe"- you need to stop spamming my blog with your lame-assed blog links.

  5. This one made me laugh when I initially read it a lot: "F-E-D-E-X, that spells truck!"