Makeup Worth Buying

Last year when I started my youtube channel I kind of went off the deep end with buying makeup and trying everything out. I spent way too much money on things that I ultimately decided I would never use, and have thrown most of what I bought away. Now I have a solid makeup collection of things that I use all the time, and they're things that I fully plan on repurchasing, or have already repurchased.

With makeup, a lot of people will tell you that you need to spend a lot of money and go for high-end brands, but I don't really think that's always the case. I have a good mix of high end and cheaper alternatives, but I even have products that I love that were picked up at the dollar store. You definitely don't need to spend a ton of money on good makeup.

Also, as a way of disclaimer, I don't put all of this makeup on my face every single day. Most days if I'm just running errands and hanging around the house its sunscreen, chapstick, and that's it. If I'm going to be interacting with human beings, I'm likely to use foundation, setting powder, mascara, and fill in my eyebrows. The whole thing pretty much only happens on date nights... which if you remember from last month, only happens about once a year in our house.

Mascara: There are so many mascaras out there, and it's so hard to know which one is going to work well for you. I have three right now that I rotate through and they're the Benefit Roller Lash, Tarte Lights Camera Lashes, and Milani Runway Lashes. I love all three of them equally, and I've heard beauty gurus on youtube say that the Milani one is the best of the drugstore. I've also heard amazing things about the Cover Girl Super Sizer, but haven't personally tried it yet. I'm not one to throw away mascara after the recommended three month mark because one, I've never had a problem with getting an infection, and two, I'm sitting with $50 worth of mascara in my drawer right now and I'm not going to just throw it out when it's still working fine. 

Bronzer: I love the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer (I got a sample size that I've been using for about 6+ months now). It's matte which means it doesn't leave a glittery mess all over my face, it's the perfect ashy tone to contour with, and it smells like chocolate. Yes, chocolate. Need I say more? I don't really have a drugstore option right now because the two I have in my drawer I don't like, and are probably making their way to the trash before summer gets here.

Eye Shadow: I have two eye shadows that I rotate using on a regular basis. One is a six eye shadow pallete that I picked up at the dollar store, the LA Colors BEP432 in Haute I think the shadows are super easy to blend and the color pay off is awesome. I typically put the bottom left hand color in my crease, and then put the upper middle color all over my lid for an everyday look and and really love it. Another eyeshadow that I love is the Urban Decay shadow in the color Half Baked. I knew that if I spent the money on an entire pallet, that was the one color I would use all the time, so I just bought the one shadow instead of the entire pallet to save money, and I use it all the time all over my lid, and then I'll usually throw some of my Too Faced Bronzer in the crease to give it a little dimension. 

Eye Brows: I get more compliments on my eyebrows more than anything else which is funny since I spent half my life feeling pretty self conscious about them. I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in the color Natural Taupe and I really love it. The $21 price tag is pretty steep, but I've had mine for almost a year now and it still hasn't ran out. I think it's honestly really worth it. I haven't tried anything from the drugstore, but have heard really great things about the NYX brow pencil.

Foundation: Foundation is a really hard thing to purchase, and I know a lot of people are looking for a lot of different things in a foundation but I really, really love the E.L.F Flawless Finish foundation. It's $6 and you can easily pick it up at Walmart or Target. It has an SPF of 15 which I love. It does an amazing job at covering up all the redness and veining that I have in my face, and does an awesome job at covering up acne scars and hyperpigmentation. I'm almost done with my second bottle and will be purchasing a third. I just apply it with clean, freshly washed hands, and can't say enough good things about it. 

Setting Powder: Know that tacky feeling that yout face gets after you apply a liquid foundation? Setting powder will take care of that in a matter of seconds for you. There are a lot of loose setting powders out there that are great, but loose powders cause such a big mess. I love the E.L.F Perfect Finish HD Powder. It's a pressed powder so it doesn't make a huge mess, and it's super cheap. I apply this with a huge fluffy brush (more on brushes below), and it makes my skin look flawless. Like, high school and I haven't birthed two children flawless. 

Blush: I think that blush can really add a lot to a look. It's not something that I use everyday, but I love it when I do. I've been using this E.L.F blush in Glow for almost a year now and think it gives the perfect pinky/peach flush to the skin. I've hit pan on it, and will be repurchasing when it's all done. 

Lipstick: I'm not huge on lipstick and will often opt for a chapstick, but on days when I get foundation on my lips... and it's not a very attractive look, I'll throw some lipstick on that's the same color as my normal lip tone and call it good. My three favorites right now are Mac's Modesty, Mac's Syrup, and E.L.F's Marsala Blush

Total Face Pallets: If you're just getting into makeup and want to try out high end brands, total face pallets are a really affordable option to look into. I have this Tarte Rain-forest  After Dark pallet that comes with a highlighter, blush, bronzer, and six eye shadows and the entire thing cost $40. I get so much use out of everything in the pallet and when I travel, it's basically all I bring with me since it has everything I need in one shot. At the time it felt like an extravagant purchase, but I use it so much that the guilt it completely gone now, and it's still cheaper than an Urban Decay Eye Shadow Pallet

Brushes: Like anything, you can spend a lot of money on brushes, but they really all kind of do the same thing, and I don't think spending a ton of money is really necessary. All of my brushes that I regularly use are from E.L.F, Crown Brush, and BH Cosmetics. 

All of my eye shadow brushes are from E.L.F. I use the "eye shadow 'c' brush" to apply shadow all across my lid. I use this small angled brush to apply eye shadow to my lower lash line (I do this instead of eyeliner for a softer look), I also use it with black eye shadow on my top lid if I'm going for a wing. I then use this blending brush to put shadow in my crease, and to help blend the colors together. 

For my face, I used to use this complexion brush to dust my setting powder across my face, but I now use this Jumbo Powder Dome brush from Crown Brushes. I also bought this set of brushes from BH Cosmetics over the summer, but pretty much only use the first two from the left in the picture. I use the first one to apply my blush, and the second one to do my bronzer and to contour. 

Now that you know basically everything that I use on my face, let me know what your favorite products are in the comments below!


  1. Great selection! We love that it's a mix between normal product and high quality. We will definitely try some of those product! The too face bronzer seems great!

  2. I love this! I am definitely going to try that Elf foundation and the blush.

  3. Great picks!
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