Pink Tweed Skirt

This pink skirt and I have been on quite the journey together. It started almost two years ago when I placed an order from Twice, and one of the items was for this skirt in a size 2. They messed up the order and sent me a size 12, and since Twice is an online consignment store, the pieces that they have in stock are all just luck and happenstance. They didn't have this skirt in the size I wanted, so I gave the bigger size to a friend at church and just washed my hands of the situation.

Fast forward to two weeks ago. ThredUp is the new online consignment store of the internet, and when I saw that they had the exact skirt that I had loved so much two years ago in my size, I knew I had to get it. Then the skirt got to my house, and it was too big still, so I had to send it back. When I was looking through their skirts online, I saw they actually had the same skirt in the smaller size that I needed, and I seized the oppertunity. Now this pink skirt and I are finally going places together, two years later than expected, but we're going places. Also, I feel like a real southern woman in this outfit. I should be walking the streets of Charleston, or Savannah, or something like that.

Shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: J Crew via ThredUp
Shoes: Mox Shoes
Necklace: Forever 21


  1. What a cute look!! Love the tweed and chambray combo!!

    All the Cute
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