From Strabismus to Amblyopia

As many of you know, Jay had to have eye surgery back in January. When we went for his follow up appointment in the middle of February, they told us that everything was looking great, and that his eyes were fine. A few weeks after that, Derek and I started noticing that his eyes were looking off. 

Originally Jay's diagnosis was strabismus, or crossed eyes. Both of his eyes were turning in towards his nose, and the surgery was to correct it so they no longer would. Because Jay's alignment with his brain was off, the doctor told us then that surgery was his only option, and that for his case, patching wouldn't work. So we went into surgery and were really hopeful. We were even more ecstatic when his eyes looked amazing just a few weeks after. 

Then a few weeks after that, in March sometime, Derek and I noticed his left eye wandering around quite a bit, so I called to make him an appointment to get it looked at. There was nothing available for a month, so we waited it out for a few weeks until we could finally get in. Last week on the 19th, we finally got in to see the doctor and sure enough, both of Jay's eyes have gone from Stabismus to Amblyopia, or lazy, or turning out. However you want to say it. 

As a result, we now have to patch Jay's eyes. He will wear an eye patch for an hour a day, everyday for the next two months. We rotate which eye we will patch each day, and at the end of the two months, we'll go in to see the eye doctor again. If the patching this time does not correct his eyes, we will have to go in for a second surgery to get it fixed, again.

I have to admit, I've been lacking in the faith department a little bit this last month. I feel drained and defeated when it comes to the medical care and bills for both of our children. I find myself thinking, "Ok, I can handle having one child with special needs, but why mess with the healthy kid?!" I've found myself complaining that we have to go through so much more medical junk then what feels like anyone else... but then I'm quickly reminded that there are people who have it much worse. Jay's eyes can be corrected, Em will eventually walk... And in the midst of all of this I feel so blessed to have such a large village out there to help me raise these kids. I'm grateful to other parents who are quick to give advice to me on how I can better care for my children. I'm blown away every time I go through a new struggle with my kids, one of my friends always pops up to say, "Hey! We've been there too, and this is how we fixed it!", it really is such a blessing that we're grateful for.

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  1. I totally feel your pain! Mason has to get tubes in his ears next month, and at his appointment I was so burned out. I was just thinking, "Not another thing. There is always something else. Ugh." It will be worth it though!! We can do it!