New Blog Launch!

Back in November sometime my sister-in-law's sister-in-law (I'll let you wrap your brain around that for a second), contacted me about helping her and her friends with a blog they were going to be launching soon. I was flattered that they wanted my help/advice on things because honestly, I'm still learning a lot about blogging too, but it's been fun to chat back and forth with Jennica over the last few months as they've gotten things moving. officially Launched in early March, and these girls really know what they're doing. The site aims to help moms build relationships, community, and give them tips and tricks to live a happy and healthy life. A healthy and happy life looks different to a lot of moms and so I think it's great that they have four moms over there (Jordan, Jennica, Morgan, and Krissy), to give their own perspective on motherhood. I'll be contributing over there every now and then, and my first post actually is going live over there today! If you want see my take on great Mother's Day gift ideas that you can do for your mom, head on over there to check them out! I talk about really easy and inexpensive ways to show your mom that you care and love her... which is all a mom really wants anyways!

There have been a lot of posts from them that I've loved so far. One being, one bedtime trick that really works. As you all know by now, Em is by far the worst sleeper on the planet, so we're looking for all the help we can get in that department. I'm not going to giveaway any spoilers... But you can head on over here to check that one out yourself!

Another great post that I loved was One-on-One Special Time With Your Kids. Now that I have two kids, things are more of a collected group effort, and that one-on-one time can get lost in the shuffle of things. I really loved this article on how to be more intentional and in tune with your kids needs, and things you can do with your kids to make that time fun! 

Be sure to head on over to MommyConvos and give them a follow on Instagram! They have tons of great posts each week and lots of fun giveaways! You're not going to want to miss any of it!


  1. Thanks Paige! I really loved the idea of getting a new children's book for Mother's Day on Thanks for all the pretty inspiration!

  2. thanks! i'll have to check this out!

  3. Aww... Sounds like a great blog! I'll have to check it out!

  4. That's great! Congratulations to them. Also, how very sweet of them to have asked you - I agree, totally flattering!

    Lisa Favre