6 Books I Read Last Month

Another month has gone by, and this was my best reading month yet! Quitting blogging I'm sure helped quite a bit. I'm going to be sharing my monthly book posts still, mostly as a way for me to keep track of the books I read. If someone else happens to  read this and get inspired to pick up a new book, all the better. I have officially read 23 books this year so far, which puts me almost at the half way mark for my 50 books this year goal.

The Light Between Oceans: This was the book club book for the month and it was so good. The first few chapters dragged on quite a bit which made me question why I was bothering to read it, but then it got good really fast. It's about a couple after world war one who live on an island all by themselves off the coast of Australia. While in isolation on the island, they experience a few miscarriages and then one day a baby washes up on the shore. They decide to raise the baby and not tell anyone and then things spiral out of control when they realize a grieving mother is looking for her child. 

Frindle: It's been months since I've read a chapter book to Jay. We picked this one up at the library last month and he loved it. I know I read it in elementary school, but I definitely didn't pay attention then, and now I want to go back and read all of Andrew Clement's writing. Jay loved this one and keeps asking to read, "the pen book". 

Because of Mr Terupt: One year in the life of a fifth grade class at Snow Hill School. Told through the eyes of seven students, the class is deeply affected by their new teacher, Mr Terupt, and the tragic accident that touches all of their lives. I thought this book was so well written, and would be an awesome middle grade book for young readers.

Number The Stars: This was another middle grade book that is about the holocaust in Copenhagen. If you know me, you know I love a good WWII book, and this one didn't disappoint. This book is about the German's "relocation" of the Jews during WWII, and how the people of Denmark were able to outsmart them and protect their Jewish neighbors. 

Born to Run: I'm convinced that everyone is one really great motivational book away from becoming a marathoner. My friend actually bought me this book for Christmas 6 years ago, and I just barely read it. I didn't want to originally read it because I thought it was about a crack addict who became a marathon runner. Where I got that from I have no idea because that is not what this book is about. It's about how our bodies were naturally created to run. It also talks a lot about the barefoot running movement, and a lot of interesting studies that were done at The University of Utah. Being a Mormon, that kind of stuff thrills me. While I'm not throwing away my running shoes, this book did get me motivated to run a half marathon next month. 

Food: A Love Story: This book by Jim Gaffigan is hilarious. Sure there is basically nothing educational about it, and it's basically one long stand up routine, but it was hilarious and I loved listening to it all last week before bed. So many funny things about food and how American's eat all wrapped up into one pleasantly fun audio book. 


  1. I totally remember reading Frindle in elementary school and I remember liking it :) Now I want to read it again. lol.


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