A Twenty Three Month Update

We've had a crazy and busy last few weeks in our house and I feel like things are changing constantly with Em. It's hard to believe that in just a month, she will be two-years-old. I know it's going to be a big year for her, just like this last one. 

A few weeks ago someone had mentioned to me that it seems like Em doesn't really go to the doctors anymore. It's true, she really doesn't. When we moved to Georgia, we were constantly being shuffled from one doctor to the next and paying thousands of dollars we didn't really have each month just for people to keep telling us that she's fine, and to check back in six months. After playing the rounds with them a couple times and getting the same answers every time, we made the personal decision to not take Em into anymore doctors unless something happened with her. 

We saw a gastroenterologist when she was constipated and he told us to give her miralax and then come back every four months for the rest of her life to see how it's going. After shelling him out $600 a few times for a very expensive miralax regimen that we can handle with our ped, we decided to cut him out of the picture, and surprise, Em's constipation is getting better. Which is what they told us would happen as she got stronger and her stomach muscles would be more able to push her poop out for her. 

When we saw the neurosurgeon in January and he told us that Em had the mildest form of her condition, and that she was fine, and wouldn't need surgery of any sort, he told us to follow up with a neurologist in six months just so someone over there could put a name to her face. Now if Em had ever had any abnormal brain activity, I totally would have done that, but she hasn't had anything happen in that department ever, and so I kind of just brushed that appointment under the rug as well. To be honest, the only thing we really have to worry about is Em having a seizure, and if she has one I'll be calling 911 and rushing her to the ER, not hopping on the phone with a neurologist. I figure that's a bridge that I can cross if we ever get to it. And if our pediatrician notices something abnormal that he wants checked out, I'll gladly go, but expensive, "hi, nice to meet you visits", not my jam. 

Those were really the only two doctors that we "kicked to the curb", but it seems like between the two of them they were taking over our lives, and our wallets, for no reason, and at some point you have to draw the "enough is enough" line. We still see PT every week, and will be doing that for... the rest of our lives? If they would let us come twice a week I'd probably jump on that too. 

The only real medical concerns that we have with Em right now are her eyes and her jaw. When she was born they told us she had really weak looking optical nerves, which could result in blindness, although her eye doctor (same one who did Jay's surgery), doesn't entirely believe her nerves appear to be anything less then they should be. He does think that she will definitely need glasses at some point in the next year or so, but he's waiting until she's a little older and can leave them on her face better. But girlfriend loves her a pair of sunglasses, so I think that may be sooner than later. We have those checkups every six months, and they're a visit I'm more than happy to go to regularly. 

When Em was a few months old her jaw got locked in an open position. We had a dentist friend show us how to pop it back in place when it happened, and for months and months, that's what we did. When you watch her talk/laugh/scream now, you can still see that it gets stuck a little, but she's able to pop it into place now on her own. When we took her to the dentist a few months ago they told us that from what they can tell, anatomically there isn't anything wrong, and that it's just going to have to be a wait and see thing as she gets older. We may have to have surgery for it when she's older, and her bones are more solidified, but for now, we check it every six months to make sure it's not getting worse. 

Em has been doing really great lately at PT. She's sitting more and more each day. This evening she was rocking back and forth, up on hands and knees! I really think this little girl will really be crawling by her second birthday next month, and I'm just so excited for her. 


  1. Love reading about your sweet family!

  2. Glad your childs doing better. Wow at the expense of Doctor visits there (I'm from Canada so that extra out of pocket stuff you pay is always interesting to read about)

  3. I wish you and your sweet family lived closer to me! (Remember me from tofw? Haha) I feel like our lives are very similar and our kids could be best buds. ;) We too, have therapy 4-5 times a week, calls from geneticists, neurologists, specialists etc and it is ridiculous! Your sweet girl is doing great! Isn't it the most wonderful thing to witness their 'inchstone' improvements each day? !