How We Bought A House For $3,000!

As many of you may know, we recently purchased our first home last week! The entire process was long awaited, and we couldn't be more happy to finally be getting settled into our own home. After putting offers in on five different houses, using three different realtors, having three offers accepted, and having two houses with structural damage, it was quite the adventure to say the least.

Once we finally found the right house though, everything was smooth sailing, and we actually closed on the house in only 20 days. It was so fast, easy, and simple once all the right pieces fell together. I know there are a lot of young couples like us out there that are trying to figure out the best way for them to get into their first home, so I thought I would share with you how we got into our home for only $3000 down. It's not a scam, it's totally legit, and we couldn't be more happy with how it all turned out!


  1. stuff like this always scares me and I'm glad I live in Canada because I can't imagine not having surgery because you don't have the money to do so (I just had surgery in may and am back on the 21st for more) We too only had 10% for our down and our PIT was $435 so it was way cheaper to buy then rent

  2. That's great! We just bought a house in December for about $5000 down.

    I'd love to see a video tour of your house!