OK, I'll Be A Blogger Again

Three months ago I wrote my post about why I wasn't blogging anymore. I've loved the time that I've had to separate myself from the internet, spend more time with my kids, move into our new home, be settled, the list goes on an on. As I moved away from blogging I was able to see real parts of it that I missed, and the parts that I was more than ready and willing to let go of. As I periodically monitored my analytics (stats that tell me how many people are coming over here each day), I learned that things I was doing that I thought were sooo profitable to my page views, were really doing nothing for me in the long run, and that I could spend 40+ hours a week doing things for my blog, or 10, and I would likely get the same amount of page views, and money. 

I learned that I 100% don't miss running out every weekend to make sure I have a fabulous outfit post every single weekend, and Derek doesn't mind one less opportunity to take pictures for me. I learned that if I don't have something fabulous to write about, it's okay to simply not write. I've learned that there's nothing wrong with working with brands and doing a sponsored post if they're products you really use, but jumping through hoops to get every single sponsored post, just for a quick hundred bucks probably hurts me and my credibility more than it really profits me. 

The biggest thing that I've learned though is that the real things I want to blog about are the things that I guess are what drew people here in the first place. Great food recipes, money saving tips, posts about our family, and fun kids activities. Do I need to be extreme and post something five days a week and harass every poor victim on my social media five days a week? No. If I feel compelled to post, or am working with a brand that I'm really excited about will I post? Yes. Will I go back to loosing every Saturday for the rest of my life to run around and do blog errands all day? Probably not. 

While we're in the moment of honesty, I won't pretend that the decision to come back wasn't prompted by financial need. When we moved into our home we were under the impression our mortgage payment was going to be cheaper than it is, and found out that because our house was a rental property before we bought it, we won't be able to have a tax break through the homestead exemption until January. Financial blow number one. A week into living here I backed into our mail box, which now needs to be replaced, and be the exact same as everyone else's in the neighborhood. Derek's 92' Geo Prism is on the way out. We're hoping it can hold out until January when we can replace it with another inexpensive car with our tax refund, but should it go before then, we're likely to be in the land of another car payment. I figure it's unfair for me to sit back and let Derek figure out all our financial struggles when there is something that I can easily do to help alleviate it. And now that I've had all the time off, I know I can do it in a way that doesn't jeopardize my relationships with my family, which obviously come first, always. Again, thank you for always reading, and supporting. Those of you who stick around through all the thick and thin over here, really, just thank you. 


  1. I do love following your blog and REALLY respect how you've stepped back a bit.
    Good luck on all the pending financial stuff. Keep saying your prayers and things will be okay in the long run! :)

  2. Welcome back! It's always important to find the right balance and it sounds like you've done just that. <3

  3. Awesome thoughts! It is nice to gain perspective now and then- it is tempting to over - promote and over - share when blogging. If I share something on social media, I try to run it through a, "would I say this to a person in real life?" filter first.