Our Fourth Of July

Remember when this blog used to be about our lives and the things we did, and what was actually going on with us. I need to get better about that. Even though the Fourth of July was 10+ days ago now, for posterity sake, I want to share what our holiday was like. 

We knew that the Fourth of July was going to be the first holiday that we spent together in our new home, and I wanted it to be as special as possible. I had set a goal for myself to learn My Country Tis of Thee on our piano, and actually succeeded learning it on the right hand. Derek tried learning to play on the left, and told me it was actually really hard and that he wasn't really able to do it. Since he is the more advanced pianist out of the two of us, I decided to just do the right hand really well and be proud of that accomplishment. Which is totally Paige for you. Set a goal and do it half way right? 

So in my mind our day was going to go as follows: Wake up, see the neighborhood parade, come home and have breakfast, I play the piano while the entire family sings happily in unison behind me for three full verses, head outside to drill and hang our new flag on our house, teach the children about America and have them say the pledge of Allegiance, and then have a magical day that ends with fireworks. Perfect sounding day right? 

Well, here is the real story. We did wake up and make it to the neighborhood Fourth of July Parade. When we got home to play the piano and do all that good American cheesy stuff, Em was screaming while Derek was trying to hold her, Jay wouldn't sit in the chair next to me, and refused to take part in the entire situation, Derek was super annoyed that chaos was happening, I still attempted to play the piano and sing against everyone's will, all while messing up playing the song 1,000 times before I eventually stormed off and thanked everyone for, "ruining the one thing I wanted to do that day." I have the entire thing on video, it's fabulous. 

I then stormed off to the bedroom and took a three hour nap, while the kids and everyone else napped too. Then around 5 o' clock I decided to make a peace treaty and we all went out for some pizza. We tried this new place that I'm pretty sure only exists in GA, but it's a chain called Marcos. It was actually pretty good for a chain place, but more than Papa John's or Domino's. When we were there everyone was in happy spirits, which count your blessings after everything leading up to this point. When we were there Jay was really into taking pictures and then even asked me to take a picture of his ear... Your wish is my command small, strange, human being that I produced. 

After dinner we headed to Kroger to check out their display of high quality fireworks... AKA pick through whatever was left by 6pm on the night of the Fourth of July. We were able to scrape together a few things to pick out, and even got some new pool toys for the kids, and then headed home to put them down for bed while Derek got homework done. 

Our original plan (original as in the plan made at 5pm after the first original plan backfired) was to put the kids to bed and then get them up when it was dark out so they could do the fireworks when Derek got his homework done. 

I wound up putting Em down, although she didn't sleep the entire time, and then I took Jay outside with me to do some pop-its in the driveway to kill some time. We then watched a movie until it got dark, but he fell asleep halfway through and then I had to beg and plead with him to wake up so we could do fireworks. Yes, I know I'm strange for begging a sleeping child to wake-up at 9:30pm, but I've obviously proven many times in this story already that I'm clinically insane, so... We did the fireworks, and Jay and Em had the magical moment I'd been waiting for all day. Then we put them to bed and pretended like it wasn't the most bizarre holiday to ever happen in the history of forever. 

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  1. Sounds do like a normal 4th. :) we just got a Marco's in Utah!