25 Things About Me On My 25th Birthday

  1. I pooped my pants at a track meet in high school, and on a first date in college. (Ps, if anyone can name who this date was with, I'll personally send you a $15 fandango gift card- for real. $20 if the actual guy guesses.)
  2. My international travels only extend to a one day rendezvous in Montreal when I was 8.
  3. I stalked Derek for 7 months before we dated.
  4. I worked at The Shoe Depot for one day, and then I had to work on a Sunday and quit.
  5. The longest job I had was working at The Log Jam for 5 years.
  6. I went to 8 semesters of college (at 5 different schools... Adirondack Community College, LDS Business College, Brigham Young University, Brigham Young University Idaho, and Advantage Dental Assisting School) and walked away with a certificate in dental assisting and an associates degree in general studies. I don't have immediate plans of finishing a bachelors.
  7. It took me four times to pass my road test in high school. Ironically I passed it 8 years ago today.
  8. I lived in Upstate New York the first 18 years of my life, and have lived in three different states since then. (Utah, North Carolina, Georgia).
  9. I never wanted to have biological children and always thought I would just adopt (it was a "why bring more people into the world when there are so many who don't have homes" mentality), but my kin bring me more joy than I ever thought possible!
  10. I never thought anyone would like me enough to date me for 6 months, let alone marry me. Coming from the girl who had zero high school relationships last longer than one week.
  11. I have literal panic attacks when my house is cluttered, and throw things away to deal with the stress.
  12. I went to Catholic school for 11 years before finishing high school at a public school, and then becoming a Mormon.
  13. I have a large birthmark on my leg that looks like a chocolate chip cookie. Most often I don't remember it's there, but about twice a year I get repulsed by it and want it lasered off.
  14. I have a ferocious unibrow that I've religiously plucked since 6th grade.
  15. My hair has been bleach blonde, dark brown, black, and orange. I went 6 years post high school without dying it, and dyed it last year, hated it, and went back to my natural color.
  16. In Utah, where I went to college, it was perfectly acceptable to get in cars with random guys you didn't know, and assume you really were just going to play mini golf #BYUCulture
  17. I used a beer bottle opener for the first time yesterday to open a soda, and I struggled really hard.
  18. I have never once shaved my legs without either a) cutting myself or b) forgetting a patch of hair on my knees.
  19. I have wanted to live in Kansas for most of my adult life. I just picture myself really thriving in the Midwest.
  20. I have not eaten a single peach since moving to Georgia. Nor have I had a Diet Coke, or a sweet tea. I also don't have anything monogrammed, and my kids have never attended vacation bible school.
  21. The best burger I've ever had was at Only Burger in Durham, NC. I think Shake Shack and In N Out are gross.
  22. I always thought I would have made it as a blogger when a company offered me a free pair of eyeglasses. That moment happened last week. #winning
  23. After 8 years I finally gave into the fact that my calves are too big for skinny jeans, and have converted to straight leg. My canckles have never been happier.
  24. I once won a limbo competition against a bunch of single BYU students while 8 months pregnant.
  25. The most exciting thing in my life right now is homeschooling Jay. I love it so much more than I ever thought possible.


  1. You made me laugh!!! I wasn't mature enough to have kids at that age.... nor financially well off enough!! lol

  2. Was it on a date with Shawn that you pooped your pants?