101 Goals in 1001 Days Update - 2016 Thu, Oct 6

I've been thinking for a while that I need to do a 101 goals in a 1001 days update. I kept putting it off thinking I wouldn't have much to update on, and then when I sat down and looked through my list of 101 goals... I realized I had finished another 14 goals, and am making positive headway in a few more. The unfortunate thing is that I have almost zero pictures of us accomplishing any of these things... which tells me I need to make a better effort at taking our camera out for things. 

Marietta Museum of History: I went here with Jay and Em over the summer and it was a lot of fun. They were having a vintage toy exhibit and Jay loved playing with, and seeing all of the old toys. They even had a board game room setup where we could play old games like Mystery Date and a vintage game based off of Peter Rabbit. We lucked out that this was the exhibit when we went, because apparently they rotate every six months, and the other ones didn't sound fun at all.

Dye Easter Eggs: We finally dyed Easter Eggs with the kids this year and Jay loved it. As you can imagine, he dipped most of the eggs in all the colors which means we had about 5 brown eggs, but it was all in the name of good family fun. 

See Fourth of July Fireworks: We did fireworks at our house with the kids this year and they loved it. It was the first time we'd seen or done them since Jay was 11 months, and I loved watching the kid's eyes light up as they saw the bright colors burst in the night sky.

Get a Babysitter 6 Times in One Calendar Year: February 2015 was the last time Derek and I had gone out on a date until Valentine's Day of this year. I had been so nervous to leave Em with  a babysitter that I just stopped doing it once she wasn't a small infant anymore. After a year of no dates, we've successfully had six different babysitters watch our kids at least 10 different times since February, and it's been marvelous. 

Go to a Shooting Range: This year for our anniversary, Derek and I went to Shake Shack for the first time in downtown Atlanta, and then we went to a shooting range near our new house. I did surprisingly better than I thought I would, and even think I might of hit the target more than Derek did. I remember I got the paper person in the head on one shot, and felt really proud of myself. Turns out I might not be useless if someone breaks into our house one day. 

Buy a House: As I'm sure you're sick of hearing, we did this. 

Have Family Home Evening Once a Week for Two Months: This goal was so hard! We would be great for 6 weeks, and then something popped up and we would miss, and then good for a month, and miss again, but we've officially done 8 weeks straight and are feeling proud! Some weeks are more elaborate than others, but we always manage to get some sort of lesson in before people start leaving the dinner table on Monday nights.

Buy a New Dresser: We bought one before we moved, but never put it together. It's now in our master bedroom, and I'm still obsessed with it. Who knew a dresser with drawers that actually worked would be such a luxury. 

Buy New Nightstands: We bought these ones from Walmart, and they go with the rest of our bedroom so well. I love being able to stash stuff in the drawers and in the doors, and make our bedroom look a lot cleaner than it really is. 

Clean Out Unwanted Things From Master Bedroom: As you can imagine, we did this before we moved, and it felt so good to not be holding onto useless junk we'd never need again. Tons of heavy winter gear, broken suitcases, clothes that don't fit, it was one of the best purges of my life. 

Buy a Desk and Setup a Home Office: As I showed in our homeschool room tour, I have a desk in there now where I get most of my blogging work done while Kyle is doing his school work. It's been such a great setup, and I love not working from my bed in the afternoon anymore (still working from my bed at night though.)

Decorate Our Master Bedroom: As you saw in our master bedroom tour, the room has been done for a few weeks now, and I love how fresh, bright, and peaceful everything is in there.

Write 10 Letters via Snail Mail: Luckily Christmas and Birthday thank you cards took care of that pretty easily. 

Make Fried Donuts from Scratch: Last week Derek and I made old fashioned sour cream donuts, and they were amazing. They're hands down my favorite kind of donut (especially from the BYU Creamery), and they were the perfect bedtime treat for Derek and I after a particularly draining week of parenting. 

I've officially got 31% of the goals completed in 32% of the time. So I'm still on track to get a lot of the things on my original list done before the expiration date in July of 2018. 


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  2. Great list. Some of those I can go and do right now actually. And you also gave me an idea to create my own list of goals if not for the next year, so at least for the rest of this year. Thank you for sharing.