A Style Improvement Each Year

My personal style is something that I've really had to grow into over the last several years. In high school I mainly wore jeans, striped shirts, and converse sneakers. In the winter I would add an American Eagle hoodie and call it good. My makeup was usually some form of powder foundation, dark brown eye shadow applied all over my lid, with my finger, and some mascara. As far as my hair was concerned, I ran my already pin straight hair through a hair straightener for good measure, and was off on my merry way. 

My style remained the same all the way through college, getting married, and then having Jay. After Jay was born though I remember I was wearing converse sneakers, an American Eagle hoodie, and jeans to one of his newborn doctor appointments and I realized that I looked like I was a 16 year old who'd just had a baby which was... not the look I really wanted to go for. I remember making a mental note in that moment that I wanted to start dressing more age appropriate and get an adult wardrobe.

It wasn't something that happened over night, I think it actually took me a solid four years to figure out which clothes I loved the most, which ones looked the best for my body type, and where the most affordable places I could find those clothes were. 

The year Em was born, I'd decided I wanted to figure out how to do my makeup, which was also the same time I became ridiculously obsessed with youtube. I bought basically one of everything from Elf's website, and tried it all to see what I liked, and since then, I've purchased better versions of the cheap products I was using, and I now have a simple, everyday makeup routine that I really enjoy. 

Something that I want to take away from 2016 is that this was really the year of hair for me. My hair is naturally very straight. I love that I can step out of the shower, run a comb through it, and be off on my way to church, a doctor appointment, or some other meeting, and know that it's completely fine and tamed the way it is. However, I'd felt defeated when it came to curling it. No matter what I tried I felt like I could never get my hair to hold a curl. It was so frustrating, especially when I'd think my hair was curled, and then I'd get to church and find that it was actually just a limp frizzy mess. 

This year I decided to try one more attempt at curling my hair, and was amazed when it actually worked. I took my normal curling iron, and started using it like you would a curling wand, and all of a sudden I had amazing curls, that lasted all day. I usually curl my entire head, load it with tons of hairspray, let it dry for 10 minutes, and then brush it out and I'm left with these soft curls all day long. It feels good to actually look like an adult when I need to now. 


  1. It makes such a difference to find out what works for you! You look gorgeous.

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