The Complete 2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Kids 2-4

Now that we're in the middle of November, it's time to start seriously thinking about Christmas shopping, and knocking items off your list. It's usually so hard for me to come up with what to get the kids for Christmas, but this year, Jay made it easy on me by telling me exactly what he wanted. That, paired with amazing Grandparents who bought the kids tablets, my running Christmas wishlist that I've had since the summer, and a bunch of good ideas in my head for Derek, Christmas seems super easy this year, instead of stressful. Because I'm not the type of blogger to have a good idea, and then not share, here is what we're getting for our family this year for Christmas. Each list is broken into three sections: Toys for 2-4-year-olds, technology (with a couple "wish we were getting" items), and ideas for his and hers. 

Crayola Wonder Coloring Pages and Markers: Em's OT told me about this, and then I randomly worked on a campaign with Crayola a week later for Color Wonder, and I'm completely sold now. Em loves coloring and playing with markers, and I love that these markers only work on the Crayola Wonder paper, which means I'll never have to wash marker off of Em's face again (hopefully).

Watches: One of Jay's wish list items this year was a watch, and since Em is obsessed with them too, and wants whatever Jay has, we're getting one for her too. I found these fun kid ones on Amazon, and I love that they have some for every kid's personality. 

Treasure Chest: Another wishlist item for Jay. It's cheap, and small, which were my only requirements. 

Fire Truck: Jay's last wishlist item. He mentioned wanting a fire truck, and I figured it was my duty as a mom of a four-year-old boy to make it happen. 

Ikea Games: Did you guys know Ikea has a ton of different card and board games for dirt cheap? I definitely want to get this set that has all the classics for $12, and this fun spin on Jenga. 

Kitchen Set with Food: Em is finally old and strong enough to stand and play with a toy kitchen, and Jay has loved toy kitchens for ages now, so we're getting them this one from Ikea as their big combined gift this year. The kitchen itself is $99, but the food, pots and pans, and utensils are all really cheap too!

HP Sprocket: HP Sprocket is the fun, new portable printer that lets you instantly create 2x3 inch stickable snapshots straight from your smartphone or tablet so you can share them with friends and loved ones! The app is intuitive and from the first screen you can snap a photo, or select a photo from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or your camera roll. Print your photo or have fun adding frames, stickers, filters and/or text. Sprocket fits in your pocket so take the fun with you to print on-the-go photos! Available at, Amazon and Best Buy. Don't forget to get the ZINK sticky-backed photo paper to go along with it!

HP 15 Notebook PC: The HP 15 Notebook comes with Windows 10 Home, high-definition display, AMD Radeon R5 graphics, HP TrueVision HD Camera, DTS Studio sound and much more. Best of all, HP Has partnered with QVC to offer two exclusive colors; minty green and soft lilac, and will feature this laptop at the lowest price of the season on Saturday, November 26th.

Kindle Fire for Kids: When grandma texts you and asks if it's okay to get your child a Kindle for Christmas, you just say yes (if you're into that kind of thing). I'm excited to be able to incorporate this into Jay's homeshcool work, and for us to be able to read the kindle versions of children's books in color on it. I think it's going to be a learning curve trying to manage screen time, but I think it's good to get those rules in place at a younger age too. 

Nabi Jr. Tablet: When grandma asked what Em would want, Derek and I both agreed she'd probably be pretty jealous of Jay's kindle, so she got this cheaper, more age appropriate one for Em. I'm excited to work on some of the educational games with her, and see how fast she picks up on it. It's also going to be a lifesaver when we have to go to Jay's art classes to have something else to try and occupy her with. 

Socks: Now that Derek has a big boy job and has to dress up everyday, he's starting to get into having fun socks to spice his wardrobe up a little bit. I found this 4-pack of socks at Kohl's, and I love that all the designs are fun, but subtle enough that Derek will still wear them. 

Rechargeable Phone Battery: Derek's battery is constantly dying since his phone is always trying to get service while he's at work. I figured it was probably a good time to pull the trigger and get him a battery extender so his phone doesn't die on the way home anymore. 

Ties: Such a cop out gift, but Derek really does like getting ties. He doesn't have any fun Christmas ones though, so I figured this would be perfect for Church on Christmas morning this year. 

A Miter Saw: We had friends give us their laminate wood floors from their house when they got all new hardwood, so we'll be installing it in our kitchen in the next little while. He'll need a saw to cut the pieces, so I figured it was time to make our first power tool purchase. If you have big house projects coming up, this might be a good time to get some of those big ticket tool items you may need. 

An Immersion Blender: I've been wanting one for years now... maybe this will finally be my year? 

A New Planner: I love and live by my planner on a daily basis. If it's not in my planner, it's likely not happening. I recently discovered these ones at Michael's a few weeks ago, and they're my new go-to! How gorgeous is that floral print? Be sure to bring a 1/2 off coupon with you to Michael's so you don't pay full price!

A Gold Bar Necklace: I've been loving more minimal jewelry lately, instead of big statement necklaces, and I really love gold bar necklaces. I've been wanting to get one with Derek and the kid's first initials engraved on it for ages now, so I'm hoping to find one of these under the tree for me these year. 

bareMinerals barePRO Foundation with Brush: I've been wanting to try a powder foundation for a while now, and this one came out recently and  I really want to try it. QVC is selling it with the foundation and brush together for $47, and you'd pay $60 for both through so if you're wanting it too, get it through QVC. And Derek, if you're reading this, I'm shade Dawn 02. 

This post was sponsored on behalf of HP and QVC, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. If you're in the market for a new HP 15 Notebook PC, be sure to purchase it on November 26th at it's lowest price of the season. Thank you so supporting the brands that make this blog possible. 


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