I Started A New Youtube Channel

Things have been a little crazy over here this week because I've been trying to post over here on my blog at least three times a week like I normally do, but also because I started a new Youtube channel. Something that happened behind the scenes that never affected my blog is that my google account became corrupted, and I lost use of most of the functions. It's such a long story, but ultimately someone hacked my account and misused the terms and conditions of Adsense without my knowing which means that my blog, and it's previous accompanying Youtube channel were no longer eligible for ad revenue through Google. 

Luckily this all happened on my old email address that I used before I got married, and so I was able to transfer my blog to my "new" email address, delete the old account, and move on. However, that meant also deleting my Youtube channel, and moving that to the new email address. Youtube channels unfortunately don't transfer smoothly like blogs do. And since I have the same blog URL, this blog is still not eligible for Google Adsense, but I'm working on an appeal and hope that everything gets cleared up and resolved shortly, or I may be rebranding my blog to paigeflamm.com and transferring to Wordpress next year... who knows. 

All of this is to say that I have a new Youtube Channel. If you're interested in subscribing to my channel, you can do so by clicking the subscribe button found in the right hand corner under my banner on this page here. 

I really love Youtube and have had so much fun making videos over the last few years and hope to transition to more video based content moving forward in 2017. I of course will still continue with blog posts over here, but maybe three written posts per week, and then uploading a video to my channel everyday. (That's the hope anyways)

What I would love to know is, do you guys want those videos shared over here in this space? Or do you want me to keep Youtube separate from my blog? Which do you prefer?  I've been doing Vlogmas this year, which is vlogging (making a Youtube video), each day from December 1st, all the way until Christmas. This is something that I hope to be able to do beyond Christmas, and into the next year, but would love your thoughts. I'll leave my last week's worth of videos attached to this post, and you can let me know what you think!

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