Our Favorite Toddler Snacks - 2016 Tue, Dec 6

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As I mentioned when I wrote about our morning routine, our life is pretty busy in the mornings, which I like. I like knowing that when I wake up each morning, we have a set plan of things to do to keep us busy all the way until quite time and nap time for the kids. Since we are pretty busy in the mornings, and running lots of errands, going to the gym, doctor appointments, etc... I like to make sure to pack a few snacks for the kids to eat in the car while we're out and about to keep everyone happy. 

I actually have better luck at getting Em to eat in the car, than I do in her highchair, so I have no shame about letting my kids eat in the car, or make a mess. Because when your toddler doesn't fit into any pants because she's so skinny, you pick your battles and let eating happen wherever it will. 

I try to have a good balance of things that are fresh, like fruits and vegetables, but I love having a good collection of things that are shelf stable, and that I can just keep in the pantry, or the car, and not have to worry about whether or not their going to go bad if they sit around for a little bit. If you're in need of some snack time inspiration, here are some things we've been loving lately. 

Fresh Fruit: I realize that this can be a luxury for a lot of people, and I've felt overwhelmingly grateful the last couple weeks simply because we're able to provide fresh fruit for our children, but it really is the very best. We try and always have apples and bananas on hand, and then rotate between grapes, berries, and oranges, depending on what's on sale at the store. 

RITZ Filled Sandwich Crackers: My kids love crackers, and I love that the RITZ Peanut Butter Filled Sandwich Crackers and RITZ Cheese Filled Sandwich Crackers have a little more sustenance in them to help keep my little ones bellies full! Since they're finally available at Kroger, I can easily pick them up when we're doing our weekly shopping and I'm passing through the lunchbox section. They're a simple way to keep the "hangry" at bay when we're running our morning errands. 

Applesauce Pouches: Em is finally at the point where I can hand her one of these while I'm driving, and she can suck it down in five seconds without making a mess, which means it's a lot less nerve wracking to give her these than it was 5 months ago. 

Fruit and Grain Bars: Em actually eats one of these every morning for breakfast, so we always have them on hand. 

String Cheese: This is another one of our "go-to" snacks, but it needs a little planning ahead since it can go bad and mushy in my purse pretty quickly. I usually only do this in the car if this kids start eating it as we're pulling out of the driveway. Otherwise, it's a strict "at home" only snack. 

Those are all of our favorite snacks! What do you love giving to your kids? Are you as excited as I am that RITZ Peanut Butter Filled Sandwich Crackers and RITZ Cheese Filled Sandwich Crackers are now available at Kroger?

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  1. These really are great snack ideas! My toddler approves. ;-)