8 New Goals for 2017

We're at the start of another year, and I have a lot of things I hope to achieve and work towards. I feel like I might be setting myself up for failure by having so many things that I want to change and work on, but like most years, I'm happy if I'm able to make a few of these things stick, and make some solid progress in at least a few areas of my life. If you're looking for some goal inspiration for the New Year, then I hope I'm able to inspire you to make just a few good changes. 

Stick to a budget: I must be a broken record by now, because I think this is our goal every year. We made a lot of good progress at the end of 2016 that will hopefully give us more wiggle room this coming year. We canceled our gym membership, and although that was free, I'll be saving gas money each month by not making the 20 mile round trip each day. We signed onto a T-Mobile share plan with some friends and cut our bill in half. We canceled some monthly subscriptions that we'd been meaning to cancel for months, and with Derek's new position at work, we're sitting in a better spot for what ever financial woes come our way. 

Read the Entire Quad: I tried to read the entire quad when I was pregnant with Em, but had a little burnout after reading the bible in 100 days and never finished the goal. By starting now, and reading five chapters/day, I can read the entire bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price by the end of the year. 

Wake up Earlier: Another important part of this goal is going to bed earlier, but I want to wake up before the kids in the morning so I can run on the treadmill, read scriptures, and get my blogging work done for the day before the kids wake up. That way I can spend my time on them and not worrying about when I can pull away to get more work done. This will also mean I'll have more time to spend with Derek at night. I'm not planning on starting this until we get home from our Christmas trip to Utah/Idaho, but I'll keep you posted on how it goes. 

Read 30 Books: Last year I made a goal to read 50 books and I only read 36. 10 of them were Magic Tree House books with Jay. I want to up the quality of reading a little bit this year. I haven't talked about this much, and maybe it's a post for another day, but I've struggled for a large portion of my life with reading and comprehension, and as I've pushed myself to read more these last few years, I've been able to understand what I read a lot more, be a better participant in adult conversation, and it's improved my writing skills a lot more too. 

1k Subs on Youtube: I have some more "business" goals I want to hit this year too, but those other ones are a little personal. One big one though that I want to share is my hopes of getting to 1,000 subscribers on my Youtube Channel. It's not a huge goal, and it's something I think will happen before the end of the year, but it's something I'm really passionate about, and am loving right now, and I'm excited to make it happen.

Only Eat Out 1 Day/Week: The last few months I've gotten a little out of control with eating out. I want to rope it back in a bit and save our eat out days for our Saturday Family Date Nights. I'm hoping to make five meals from scratch a week, one night for leftovers/pancakes, and then our one night out. 

Start and Finish our Kitchen Remodel: When we moved into our house, we knew the kitchen was where we would put most of our energy. We have pretty rough linoleum floors that bubble up, and are impossible to clean. Maple colored cabinets from the 90s, and white plastic counter tops that stain so easily that we have pink dots on them that won't come off from hot muffin liners. Our neighbors gave us the hardwood floors from their house when they were remodeling, that have to be installed by the end of February for a blog project. Then all we need to do is hang our new light fixture, replace the counter-tops, and then we can call our painter to come in and paint the cabinets for us. I'm hoping we can have it all done by June, but we'll see how it goes. 

Journal Each Day: I've been terrible at keeping a daily journal my entire life, but it's something I've always wanted to do. This year I'll be journaling in my planner each day, in the allotted slot for each day, and I think the small eight lines each day is enough to get in the important parts, but without the pressure of having to write an entire novel on a daily basis.


  1. I'm nodding my head yes at all of these...specifically waking up earlier. I made this goal last year and did a really good job for a long time. It's SO helpful and my day goes so much smoother when I do. I feel like I get my scripture study done and all the things that take 3 times longer when the kids are awake. Can't wait to hear what you read and what you end up liking/disliking!

  2. We've started waking up earlier since we got back from Christmas vacation and it makes the biggest difference!

    Good luck with all these awesome goals.

  3. These are great goals! A lot of them are similar to mine :)

  4. Waking up earlier is one for me too but my bed is just too comfy! Good luck with your goals xx

    - goloveyrself.com

  5. I do love your goals! I'm actually planning on starting a bullet journal this year x

    Jessica — NinetyCo 

  6. I love that you have a goal of reading the quad. It is definitely helping me keep motivated. I've been listening to the scriptures while reading them and it has helped me get a ton more out of it. I'd love to read the whole quad as well.

  7. I'm horrible and never set new years resolutions. lol. But these are great goals for the year!