A New Kindle App We Love

Before Christmastime we got a phone call from Grandma asking if it would be okay if she got Jay a Kindle Fire for Christmas. I was a little hesitant because I didn't want to start my life of being the screen time police, but we didn't have any tablets at all in the house, and there was a part of me that was excited to use it as well, so I said yes. She then asked what Em would want for Christmas, and I said that she'd probably want a tablet if Jay was getting one, and so she grabbed the Nabi Jr for her. 

They both really loved their gifts (who wouldn't?), and it made life so much easier for us when we were traveling. The kids did really well, and it only took Em a day or two to figure out how to use her fingers to get her tablet to work before she really loved hers too. 

I was stressed about the Kindle for Jay because the level to which he would enjoy it was entirely dependent upon my ability to put fun apps on there. We've never done apps for the kids on our phones in the past, so I really had no clue where to start. 

A few days after Grandma's Kindle for Christmas declaration, I got an e-mail from KidloLand asking if I would like to try a year long subscription to their app in exchange for review on my blog. I said yes, and was excited at the prospect of having something on the Kindle Jay would enjoy. I downloaded the app and within a few minutes it seemed like there were hundreds of different things Jay could do on there. 

They have tons and tons of stories for kids to read/look at, with options to have the app read the story for you, or for your child to read it themselves. There are tons of learning games, puzzles, work with math, phonics, everything. I'm not saying that this app is going to turn your kid into an Eisenstein, but if you've already been working on letters, sounds, and numbers with your kids at home, then it's a great way to keep them occupied, and reinforce information that they already know. 

We were traveling a ton the last few weeks between flying from Atlanta to Salt Lake City, and then driving to Idaho and back to Utah, and then driving all around Utah for a blog project I was working on... Those car rides could have been so miserable, but this app kept both Jay and Em so content. Em would get bored or frustrated with her tablet at times, and Jay would happily switch his for hers and let her have a turn playing with the Kidloland app, and she loved it just as much.

If you're interested in downloading KidloLand for your children, its available on Apple, Google Play, and Amazon devices. I think it's totally worth the small investment if you know you're going to be traveling and want to try it out... in the meantime, we'll be over here getting back to reality and trying to tell Jay 50 times a day to read a book, or play with some more toys. 

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