My Favorite Striped Shirt

Over the weekend I went through the annual process of purging things from my closet that I don't want, wear, or need anymore. I always tell myself that I'm going to shop better, with more intention, and yet here I am at the beginning of another year, purging half of my wardrobe again. 

One thing that I'll pat myself on the back for though is realizing what will and will not work for me in the future. I now know that I don't like clothes that are high maintenance and need to be ironed. I know that sounds incredibly lazly but, I have enough on my plate to keep up with right now, and ironing doesn't make the cut. Most of my shirts are fine if I take them out of the dryer fast enough, but the ones that still require ironing? They're gone. I'm not even a nice enough wife to iron my husband's work shirts. He does it every morning on his own before he heads into the office.

Another thing I learned is that there is a certain texture of shirt that I gravitate towards. I really love those poly blend/chiffon like tops. Over the next year I'll probably add more of them to my closet since they're really low maintenance, and can easily be worn with jeans, or a skirt at church. 

A final thing that I learned is that this is one of my favorite shirts, and I never remembered to wear it because there was so much junk taking up space in my closet. I ordered this last summer on ThredUP and I was so giddy when it arrived. It's a Zara top, and Zara is definitely not a brand I shop at regularly. But this shirt circulated the blogging world so much, and I LOVED it, and then I got it new with tags from ThredUP for $20 and it was one of the happiest moments of my clothing life. So here's to a new year, and to me giving this shirt some much deserved love. 

Shirt: Zara via ThredUP (available here)
Lips: Blue Red via Lipsense


  1. I'll take your purged clothes off of your hands ;) I love this top! It's so cute. And I love your hair, and your new site design!! So many new things to love! Haha.

  2. I love the food hauls and fashion posts the best. They are too much fun.

  3. It looks amazing! Love the big strips!