$20 Valentine's Date Night Dress

Derek and I never dress up and go on fancy dates. One time when we were at BYU I wore a skirt on a date to Olive Garden and thought I was the fanciest person on the planet. I've really wanted to go on a date with Derek where we get super dressed up and go do something way out of our norm, but then we never have a good idea of what to do. We're still in that predicament for Valentine's Day, but I bought this dress for $20 on Amazon and I told Derek he needs to think of something and not let it go to waste. If you're in need of an inexpensive dress for your Valentine's Date night, I totally recommend this one. It's pink, it's lace, it's modest, it's cheap, and I'm basically obsessed with it. Now someone tell us what to do for our date. 

Dress: Amazon
Shoes: Ross


  1. You look so cute with glasses.Isn't it great glasses are so in style now?

  2. What an absolutely gorgeous flattering dress! I love the shade of pink very Valentines day!!


  3. You look beautiful! Love the dress

  4. I love that this dress only cost $20! When you're in your late teens- early 20s every time you spend on clothing is important! This dress is so cute and something you can wear over and over again!

  5. I have this dress in black! I was going to a "little black dress" party and thought for $20 even if I hated it I wasn't out a lot of money, and I love it! It looks great in pink too! I hope you have a great date night.

  6. Such a pretty dress, you look gorgeous!

    x Annabelle