9 Amazing Amazon Finds For Little Girls

A year or so ago Derek and I had a pretty serious conversation about Em and her integrity as far as it was related to clothing and things like that. It may seem like a strange topic to discuss, but there was actually a lot of deep thought that went into the conversation. The base of it was that I always wanted Em to dress and look as nice as she could, regardless of whether or not she has special needs. I remember saying that if she was 16-years-old, I want her dressed like a 16 year old. And if shes 7, I want her to look like a 7-year-old. 

Despite having strong feelings about this topic, I never really followed through on much of it. Sure Em has cute clothes, but a lot of them were second hand, and are starting to show their age quite a bit, and Em didn't really get bigger over the last 18 months (she's gotten taller, but not wider), which meant what new clothes she did have, were completely trashed over 18 months of use. 

I finally decided that Em was at the point where she needed new clothes, and I wanted to invest in pieces and styles that I would want to wear if I was a two-year-old girl. She mostly needed some new church clothes because we'd either lost bloomers that went with old dresses, or zippers were broken, and things were too short, she kind of looked like a ragamuffin at church on Sundays. 

Last night I scoured the internet for some new church shoes that would work with her leg braces, and new shoes led to new dresses, and socks, and bloomers for under said dresses, and the next thing I knew I was discovering this entire world of Amazon Prime that I never knew existed. There were all these amazing dresses that were super inexpensive, with adorable modern prints that I loved. All of a sudden it seemed like all the cute clothes that I'd been dying for Em to wear were finally able to be hers. We wound up buying these shoes, this dress, these bloomers (which I love because they're white, are tight enough to fit around her diaper, and they'll go with any dress), and these socks, which will easily work with her leg braces. I couldn't be more excited to show her off at church on Sunday. I've linked everything down below, along with a few more pieces I hope to add to her closet in the next few weeks. 


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