Em at Two and a Half

Somehow Em managed to turn two and a half a few days ago. I've learned to not be surprised by these big milestones... but the girl has outlived her life expectancy five times over at this point, so it's so crazy for me to see how far we've come these last couple years. 

Two and a half is proving to be Em's prime time. I cannot get enough of her right now. Sure she's feisty, and hates being in the car, and cries every time we go in there lately. And sure, it's midnight when I'm writing this and she's still awake... but the good far out weighs the bad right now. 

Em has been talking up a storm. She can repeat any and every word that you say to her. In church yesterday we were pointing to the letters on the hymn book and she pointed and repeated each letter too. Derek and I had that mind blowing moment where we realized, we can actually teach her letters. She is putting a few words together here and there, and forming sentences. Ones that are repeated 100 time's per day include, "Mommy, where's Daddy?", and "Mommy, where's Joey" (one of Jay's friends). I was sweeping in the kitchen a few days ago while she was in her booster seat, and she was waving toward the broom and said, "I want to see". When you ask, "How old are you?" she says, "I'm two!" She also says, "I love you too", which as you can imagine kills us every time. 

Another big, huge, monumental milestone is that Em is officially a sitter. She's had moments where she could sit every other day or so for a couple minutes here and there, but the last three days she's sat on the floor without tears for long stretches of time. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday each had NINETY minute floor sessions. Sunday morning I needed to go get things done for church and I sat her on the floor to play a game and she just did it. No stretching or anything required, just sat. 

Saturday night after dinner she got up on hands and knees like she was going to crawl, but then sat back into a "w" sit position, and then swung her legs out from underneath her and got herself into a sitting position. That is huge. This is what we've been waiting for. These are things we've literally been working on in PT for almost two years now. These things are finally happening. 

It was hard to imagine sending Em to preschool next school year when she couldn't even sit on her own, but now I just see this big girl who is so ready to take the world by storm come her third birthday when I have to send her off on the school bus, and I think she'll be more than ready. 


  1. aww that is great.. I have a three year old and he too is talking up a storm, mimics everything we say. Lots of Love..