Weekly Menu Plan and Grocery Haul #5

Last week when I was making our menu, I couldn't find anything on Pinterest that looked good, and I couldn't remember anything that I'd seen floating around the blogging world, so we just kept it really simple and basic. These are the weeks that Derek prefers the most because he know's what to expect at each meal instead of some some random meal that I'm testing out on him. 

1. Baked Potatoes: You likely don't need a guide or recipe on how to make these, but in case you do, I found this guide from The Kitchn to be pretty helpful. It shares three different ways to make baked potatoes and the various cooking times. I feel like I can never remember when I go to make them, so I find myself referring back to here often. 

2. Tomato Soup: It's been a while since I've made tomato soup from scratch, so when I saw this recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything pop up on my bloglovin' feed last week, I knew we were going to give it a try. I paired it with some grilled cheese sandwiches, and everyone loved it.

3. Cheesy Party Burgers: I ironically don't even follow Kevin and Amanda on any form of social media, and yet I always wind up making something from their blog at least once a week, or so it seems. We made these "Party Burgers" on Friday night and they were super simple, and delicious... to me at least. Derek only ate one, the kids didn't touch it, and between dinner that night and lunch the next day... I ate four, so take this information for what it's worth. 

4. German Pancakes: Is anyone else confused by how many names these things have? German pancakes, oven pancakes, dutch babies, and now according to Jay "Idaho Pancakes" because we had them several times when we were in Idaho for Christmas. I definitely need to update the picture for this on my blog at some point, but this recipe still holds true, these are delicious. 

5. Sloppy Joes: When I was making the menu plan last week I asked Derek if there was anything in particular that he definitely wanted to have, and he said sloppy joes, so  I made it happen for him. This is one of our all time favorite recipes, and I filmed Jay and I making them together this week here. 

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