Weekly Menu Plan and Grocery Haul Video #4

I don't know if I mentioned this last week or not, but I feel like it's taken me 2 1/2 years of Em's life to really feel like I have my own life in order. We're in a good spot with most things, and I've finally got myself in a good swing of grocery shopping, menu planning, household cleaning, working out, homeschooling... I have all these balls up in the air right now that I'm trying to juggle, and I don't feel this panic like I have in the past that all the balls are going to come crashing down. I could do for a bit more patience and a chill pill lately, but other than that, I think we've found ourselves a good rhythm for now... Which will last for six months and then everything will get thrown for a loop again. (More on that later in the week, but not a pregnancy announcement... and maybe more on that next week, but still not an announcement).

This week we kind of had food coming out of our ears. I mentioned last week that because I was working on a blog project for Ortega, we wound up eating some unplanned sweet pork burritos for two nights, which bumped the pot roast we were supposed to have last week into this week, and then all of a sudden we had so many meals planned, and definitely no need to eat out for the entire week. 

4 Ingredient Pot Roast: This was our second time making this recipe and it didn't disappoint! We had it Tuesday night for dinner, and then leftovers on Thursday, and then lunches in between. 

Pizza: As you'll see in our weekly grocery shopping video (at the bottom of this post), we had a ton of pizza crusts to get through so we had one on Monday night, and then we cooked the other one Friday night when the kids had a babysitter while Derek and I went to the temple. Our go to is pepperoni with black olives and green peppers. 

Shrimp Fajitas via Number-2-Pencil: I made fajitas for the first time in my entire life last week and loved how delicious and easy they were. We tried this shrimp variation this week and they were also, so, so good. I had the leftovers for lunch a few times during the week and I was definitely not complaining. 

Creamy Chicken and Fire Roasted Pasta via Everyday Reading: A few weeks ago I really started having a craving for pasta, which has happened zero other times in my life. A few days later my friend Janssen posted this recipe on her blog and I knew I needed to make it asap... and then never got around to it until yesterday night. It was so good. Seriously one of the best pasta recipes I've ever made. She says that if you're not using the specific pasta that she used, that you might want to boil it in a separate pot first, but I used our normal penne pasta the same way she used her Barilla Proto pasta and it worked just as well!

Sweet and Sour Salmon via One Lovely Life: My dad would make an amazing honey teriyaki salmon all the time growing up, and when I saw Emily's recipe it reminded me of that! I gave it a try and it was so delicious. Even Derek is converted to salmon again. 

There was one more meal that we weren't able to squeeze in this week, that we'll be bumping over to next week. It's this lentil soup from Gimme Some Oven. I'll let you know some thoughts on it when the time comes. Don't forget to watch my grocery haul video below! Also I'd love it if you clicked here and subscribed to my youtube channel.


  1. Yummy! Delicious! Dreaming about a sweet and sour salmon!

  2. Yummy! Our favorite pot roast is in the crock pot. I add chicken bullion and it makes the broth pretty delicious. Carrots, onion, potatoes. I add green chilis when ready, I add diced canned green chilies, sour cream, and shredded cheese!

    My kids won't eat it with green chilli, but it's so good!!