An Unexpected Sick Day

For the most part, Em has always been a pretty healthy child. There are many kids with her diagnosis that spend a lot of time in and our of the hospital, and luckily, that has never been the case for Em. Derek and I frequently joke that she has an iron immune system because at ago two and a half, she has still never had to be on antibiotics, unlike her brother who is more familiar with them than I would like. Em has only been sick a small handful of times, but when it happens, things escalate a little quickly. 

Last year when we were in Idaho for Derek's sister's wedding, Em came down with an innocent cold, that resulted in her getting congested, and throwing up every time she went  to eat. This meant that over the course of 30 or so hours, she hadn't eaten anything, and thrown up whatever happened to be left in her stomach from the previous day. She quickly became dehydrated and we had to take her into the hospital on the morning of Maurcine's wedding to get her IV fluids and help her fever come down. And as you can imagine, I missed the wedding.  This happened the one other time she had a bad cold too, and it's basically the worst experience ever. I wish I could be trained to administer IV fluids so that I wouldn't have to head into the hospital whenever this happened and I could save time, and a huge hospital bill. 

A couple nights ago we were on the phone with Derek's mom when his parents asked how that kids were doing. I said, "Great! Em  has basically slept the last 24 hours, which has felt like heaven!" For anyone who knows Em, sleep isn't her strong point, and Derek's mom was quick to tell me she probably didn't turn into an amazing sleeper, she was probably coming down with something... And sure enough the next morning we were barreling full steam ahead towards a full blown head cold. 

I've been trying to stay on top of it the best I can so that it doesn't get out of control and involve a hospital visit. We have essential oils running in her diffuser, and are administering them topically to the bottoms of her feet, and we're trying to stay on top of her water and food intake before things get too bad so that she has something substantial in her stomach should things go south before too long. 

Em loves all things in a pouch, so we've really been loving the new Gerber Smart Flow pouches that we found at Kroger yesterday afternoon. The lid is made with this new Smart Flow technology that helps the food come out of the pouch slower to make feeding easier for little ones who are still trying to figure out how the whole "Self Feeding" thing works. I've loved being able to let Em take it easy on the couch while watching a couple shows, and sipping on one of these. Each pouch contains a complete serving of fruit, and one complete serving of vegetables, so it's a sick day snack I can get behind to ensure she is getting all the right nutrients that her little body needs. 

And if you need me for the next 36 hours, I'll be doing all sorts of Indian, tribal,  voodoo dances in our bedroom to make sure this cold, and whatever else is going on peaces out in a timely manner that doesn't involve me cleaning up vomit and changing bed sheets. Prayers and good vibes appreciated.


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  1. Great product! I will pray for both of you! I know how hard it is to perform a tribal dance!