What We Bought Jay For His Fifth Birthday

Jay turns five a week from today! It honestly doesn't feel like it's been five years since I gave birth to him. In some ways it feels like time has flown by so fast, and in other ways it feels like I can't even remember life without him. He is our sweet, gentle, meek, friendly, and shy boy. He has so much goodness about him, and deeply cares about his friends feelings. All of his friend's moms are always commenting on how good he is, and its true, he is just a very good boy, and I'll never know what I did to deserve him. 

Shopping for his birthday this year has felt so stressful. Last year for Christmas he gave me a very confident list of the things that he wanted, and so when it came time to shop, I already knew exactly what he was going to be getting. This year for his birthday he said he wanted new toys, but then didn't really know what he exactly wanted, and asked me to surprise him. Way to lay on the pressure Jay. 

I originally only bought him some bulk legos, and a lego board for him to build on, because part of his birthday present was going to be going to the Children's Museum here in Atlanta as a family, but Derek has been having some health problems the last few weeks, and I don't know if that's going to be happening anymore. Last night I hopped onto the computer and snagged a few more gifts for him to even out the score with his sister who will be getting a new car in a couple weeks for her birthday.

1. Map of the USA Puzzle: Jay loves sitting at the fire place and putting puzzles together. I'd been wanting to do more work with him on maps and getting him more familiar with our country, and I thought this puzzle would be a lot of fun for him!

2. Lego Building Board: Jay has only ever had mega blocks that he got for his birthday when he turned two, and I thought it was time for a little upgrade. I was torn between legos and duplos, but ultimately went with legos since he can grow into them. That and I can always get Em duplos for her birthday next month if I think I still want them. Anyways, I got him a board to build his lego creations on.

3. Magnetic Tiles: I've been wanting to get some of these magnet tiles in our house for ages, but they've always seemed so pricey to me. This off brand version had great reviews on Amazon, and had 40 pieces for only $20! 

4. Magic Tracks Cars: We got Jay some magic tracks this summer as a reward for learning how to swim. The car that his tracks came with has a broken on/off button, so we snagged him a couple new replacement cars, and that way Em can play too!

5. Bulk Legos: When looking at legos, I was really overwhelmed with all the sets and didn't know what Jay would like, so I just got a bulk bin and figured I could print off some blue prints for him to make things off the internet if he wanted a more "guided" experience. 

6. Connect 4: Because board games are life. And because I never had this game growing up and half the fun of adulthood is reliving the experiences you never got with your kids.