Saying Goodbye to Georgia

I've thought about so many different ways that I wanted to announce our upcoming move over here on the blog, but when it came right down to it, I just wanted to tell the story right from my heart, with no bells and whistles. Because lets be honest, I'm not really a bells and whistles kind of person when it comes down to it. 

Derek graduated with his MBA about a month ago. We knew that with his MBA completed, we would likely be leaving Georgia at some point in the next year or so, but we definitely didn't expect for it to happen as fast as it did. Derek is one of nine siblings, and out of all of them, there were only three that weren't currently living in Idaho at the beginning of the summer. One lived in Southern Utah, about 11 hours from Derek's home, and the other one lived in Southern California, about 16 hours away. He does have one sister who lives in Salt Lake City, but thats only about three hours from home, and she makes the trek to Idaho quite often. 

At the beginning of the summer Derek's sister in California announced that she and her husband, and their four kids were all going to be moving back to Idaho that summer. We were thrilled for them, but kind of sad for us at the same time. 

A few weeks later, Derek's sister in Southern Utah made the big announcement that she and her husband, and five kids were also all moving back to Idaho. Again so happy, but that announcement stung way worse than the first one. It just felt so awful knowing that literally everyone in his family would be living in a small three hour bubble of each other and here we were 27 hours away in Georgia missing everything. I remember talking to Derek's dad on the phone and him saying, "Don't move back just because you feel left out, make sure it's right for you guys..." and I remember loathing/crying to Derek, "But we are left out! Simply by being 27 hours away, we're left out." 

Not only that, but there are 17 nieces and nephews on Derek's side of the family, and aside from our kids, all of them have grown up basically being best friends and knowing each other their entire lives, and our kids don't have that same relationship with them, but we want them to be able to have those relationships. I grew up not having any cousins my age to play with (my mom was an only child and my dad's sister has two kids but they're grew up in Texas and are much older than me... I've actually never met them to this day!)

With all that being said, Derek started applying to jobs strictly in Utah and Idaho once he finished his MBA program. There were a lot of things standing in the way of us accepting an offer, and we knew we couldn't actually take a job unless it was under the right circumstances. First off, we own our house here, so we'd have to be willing to sell it, and risk losing money on it since we've only lived here for a year. Secondly, Derek's current job paid for his MBA program. So unless the current job offered us a salary that would be high enough to make paying that money back to Lockheed Martin worth it, or they gave us a signing bonus, it was essentially going to be a no go. We thought we would be staying here for at least another year until that MBA agreement would be done and over with.

Derek had several interviews for jobs all over Utah, and one job in Idaho that would put us living basically right down the street from his parents and two sisters. We could have sworn we were going to get the job in Idaho. Everything seemed to fall into place perfectly, and then at the last minute, we got the email saying they were going with someone else. We were honestly a little heartbroken, but the job wasn't in the aviation industry, and considering that's what Derek spent six years of his life studying, to me it felt like a waste to take a job with any other type of company.

A few weeks later I went to Girl's Camp with our church's youth group, and while Derek was home with the kids he had a phone interview for a job in Salt Lake. It was only one phone interview, so we didn't think much of it, but then all of a sudden a couple weeks later, they had a full offer sent to his email. It was honestly a terrible offer. He would have been making less than we do now, and the cost of living is much higher in Utah than it is here in Georgia. We wrestled with what to do for a few days before ultimately deciding we wouldn't take the job. Derek finally responded to the email, countering them way higher than their offer. At this point I'd come to peace with the fact that they were going to tell us to go to heck and that would be the end of it, but then they met us respectably right in the middle, and with a signing bonus that although we'll never get to see, it will be enough to pass back to Lockheed for the MBA tuition so that we won't have that hanging over our heads. 

We move in just a few weeks. Our house goes on the market on Friday, the kids and I head out on September 13th, and Derek and his brother are driving across the country together on the 15th. We're so grateful for the countless memories, blessings, and trials that we were able to experience living further from family in both North Carolina, and Georgia, but are so excited to be closer to Derek's family. And because we won't have to divide travel funds for flights to both Idaho and New York anymore, it means that my family in New York will be able to see more of us too! It's a win win for both of our families. 


  1. How exciting for you guys! I hope everything goes smoothly! i'm excited because maybe we'll be able to meet in real life! :)