6 Struggles of Being the Child of a Mom Blogger

The other day as I was packing up my house and taking a thousand insta-stories to document the process, I realized that kids of mom bloggers deal with a lot of things that most kids have no idea about. This post is mostly me making fun of the ridiculous things that I normally do, but I'm assuming that so many other mom bloggers will totally be able to relate. 

1. The lights are never on: A large part of my job is photography based. Let's face it, more people are going to come over here if I have vibrant and bright photos from my DSLR camera instead of quick snaps from my iPhone. To be fair, sometimes I do post the iPhone pictures, but for the most part, it's all from my DSLR. This means that the lights are almost never on in our home since they mess with the quality of pictures. Natural light is always best for shooting and Jay often complains that he can't see and wants the lights on, but he constantly has to wait for my to finish getting my shot. 

2. You have to wait to eat your food: I do a lot of recipe posts over here and there have been many nights with crying children (and husband and wife) at the dinner table at 5:30pm with the lights off and me holding dinner hostage until I get the right shot. I've been able to speed this up over the years and get all the needed shots in under five minutes, but it can get intense. 

3. Going to five different stores in a week to get stuff for "mommy's work": A lot of my sponsored posts involve me purchasing products at stores, and then being reimbursed for the products in addition to my actual payment after I make the post. This means that during busy seasons (usually summer and winter holidays), I'm running from one store to the next, almost daily to get everything we need. It's fun the first couple times for the kids, but by round three, they're over it. 

4. Anything you say may be turned into a funny blog post or Facebook status: For example, see here, here, and here

5. You've grown up with a camera in your face: This is such a hard balance and for right now the kids have always been so good about letting me take pictures when I need to for certain projects and posts. But I know there is going to be a day when they openly opposed it, or don't want to be involved anymore, and it's something that I know I'll have to respect. That being said, these kids have seen a lot of the camera. 

6. Likewise, they see their mom walking around with a camera in front of their face all the time: Between my youtube channel and insta-stories, I'm sure my kids think I'm a psycho path. 

I wanna hear it fellow mom bloggers! What are funny things that are always going on in your house while you're getting your work done. For mom's who aren't bloggers, do any of these things happen in your house too? 


  1. Hahaha this is hilarious and so true! When Ty sees my phone or camera he just stars saying cheeeeeeeeze

  2. OH, WOW, I'd not do well as a blogger then as you are lucky if I go to the city every 6 weeks in the winter months (theyh're not known for their snow removal, so I don't risk my life by shopping there, do a big trip and thats it)

    1. Every once in a while I get to Amazon Prime something, and that feels like a miracle!

  3. I started a blog but I realize i just can't keep it up with two little's. I dont know how all you moms do it successfully. Blogging is so much work when you got a family. The last part about the psychopath was hilarious.