A Moving Q+A

Well it's official. Yesterday Derek drove the kids and I to the airport and as we pulled out of our driveway, I looked back and saw the first home we ever purchased for the last time. It was weird knowing that I would literally never see that house again. We're here in St. Anthony, ID with Derek's parents. Derek's brother is flying out to Georgia tomorrow, and then the two of them will start driving to Idaho on Saturday morning, with a tentative arrival of Tuesday morning. We've gotten a lot of questions about this move, so I figured I would answer most of them the best I can here. 

Why are you guys living in Idaho for a week+ before going to Utah?
We were originally going to rent a town home in an apartment complex, and move in the night that we flew in. I got cold feet and decided I didn't want to rent there, and we now have to wait a week before we can move into the single family home that we'll be living in. 

What are your plans for buying or building in the future?
We're pretty sure that we're going to be living in Utah longterm. Like the rest of our lives hopefully. Our plans are to rent for a year and scope out the areas we really want to live in, and then make a very conscious decision to buy or build after that. We ultimately need a one level house with the bedrooms on the main floor and preferably a finished basement, or a two-story house with a full bath and bedroom on the main floor. We want our next purchased home to be a long term solution for Em, so we're not going to rush into anything like we did when we were buying in Georgia. 

Where in Utah will you guys be living? 
Some people already know the exact town that we're going to be living in but out of respect to our family and internet privacy, we're just saying that we'll be living north of Salt Lake. 

Why were you guys so insistent on not living in Georgia?
Derek graduated from his MBA program in July and it's always been our plan to move again when he finished his MBA. We knew we wanted to be back in Utah or Idaho eventually to be closer to family again, so those were the two main places we were targeting in the job search. We played with the idea of moving to Texas for about 24 hours, thinking that it would be a good career stepping stone to eventually get us to Utah, but then Derek got the job offer for Utah the following day, and it's basically all history from there. 

Where will Derek be working?
He is in the aviation industry, so he'll be working for an aviation company that manufactures communication systems for military aircrafts. He works in pricing, telling government officials how much it will cost to purchase, repair or replace said communication systems. He's good at what he does, and he loves it. 

Are you going to homeschool your kids in Utah?
It's still to be determined. Right now the goal is to not homeschool. I have plans of sending Jay to kindergarten and Em to the special needs preschool and am anticipating it being a much better school situation then what we had in Georgia. I have been homeschooling Jay the last few weeks so that there isn't a gap in knowledge for him when he starts kindergarten the first week of October, and it's been going really well. He's working at first grade level for math and social studies, and Kinder level for ELA, Science, and Spanish and really loves it. It's going to be hard to let him go. 

Why did you purge everything you owned before this move?
It would have cost us well over $3,000 to move all our stuff to Utah and I knew I could replace all our furniture for well under that. We sold everything and made over $2,000, and I've already picked out all our new furniture, and we'll only have to cough out an extra $1,000 for it all. Which means we get to pocket more of Derek's signing bonus, and I'll have pretty rooms exactly how I want them. 

That's most of the questions I've gotten over the last few weeks! If there is anything else you want to know, let me know in the comments and I'd be more than happy to answer!


  1. I'm so excited for you! I hope this move is just what you want for your family! <3

  2. We lived in Layton for 5 years and I know the area pretty well. I love a lot of area up there. That is awesome you love UT so much seeing you were raised back east. So happy you guys are getting settled.

  3. So excited for your next chapter but we're going to miss you and your sweet family!