Modern Master Bedroom Design Ideas

When we moved into this house, our master bedroom was the first room we decorated. I thought I had a great grasp on the style and everything that I was looking for in the space, but then a few months later I realized that this room didn't really go with the modern decor that I was getting for the rest of the house. While the room was fine, and never a big enough issue that I wanted to change it all out, moving is the perfect time to get to do re-do when it comes to making up for poor design choices. Now that I know that modern is really what we're going for, I've scoured the internet for all the right pieces, and I'm confident that I'm going to love this room far more than what I put together for our current space. 


  1. so many cute items! I really want to makeover my bedroom now!

  2. Thanks for sharing Design idea for modern master bedroom. I was searching this type of ideas for my new bedroom.

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  3. How is your move to UT going? Let us know how it's going. I hope you are safe from Irma as I heard it might be about 64 MPH wind in the next few days. Stay safe!!

    1. We are in the thick of everything right now! Tomorrow is our last full day in Georgia, the worst of Irma is past us and we are safe! Packing like crazy and heading out Wednesday morning! Hopefully I can get a more informative update post happening in the next day or two!

  4. Love the area rug! We're just about to start our home renovations and I'm on the look out for some modern yet traditional looking pieces.

    Glad that you are safe!

  5. When I click on #4 nightstand it does not go to the site to show it. Can you please tell me where this nightstand could be purchased?