Em's First Day of Preschool + Video

Today Em finally started the Special Needs Preschool. There were a lot of things that had to fall in place and happen before she could officially enroll, and last week was quite the week to get us there. We first had to drive down to the district office for special needs kids and get all the paperwork in order. When we were there they told us that they could not guarantee that she would get a spot in the same school as Jay. Also, Jay was in PM kindergarten and they said they couldn't promise she would get a PM preschool spot to line up with that. 

Leaving the office I was a little heartbroken. It wouldn't have been the worse thing ever to have one kid go in the AM and one in the PM, but to be honest, I haven't had a break from my kids in five years, and I mentally could really go for a 2 1/2 hour break from them each day, for the sake of my own mental health. So while I waited a few days to see where they were going to be placing Em, I begged, and pleaded with Heavenly Father to let her get on the same time and in the same school as Jay. Finally, on Thursday, the call came, and she did get into the same school and time slot as Jay. I literally wept tears of relief on my kitchen floor. It was exactly what I needed, and I was so grateful.

That afternoon when I went into the school to pickup Jay, I headed over to see Em's teacher to talk to her about when Em would start, and all of those details. The teacher told me she didn't want Em in the PM class because all those kids were four, and walking, and that Em would be a better fit with the three-year-old's in the AM. They then had me walk over to the office to ask if Jay could be switched to the AM kindergarten class, to which the office told me no. I was crushed that this was all happening, but figured whatever was meant to be would work out. I also now had the stress of finding Em a wheelchair in two days since she was going to need one to get around the school when she started on Monday. 

I'm a part of a few Facebook groups for special needs moms in Utah and asked in all the groups if anyone knew where I could get a cheap or free wheelchair in just a few days. One mom in Logan told me that she would sell me her daughter's old chair for $150, and that I was more than welcome to come and get it as long as I was willing to drive. So Friday, when Jay got out of school, we made the one hour drive to Logan, got the wheelchair, and it fit Em perfectly! Such a relief! 

Also on the drive, Em's teacher called and told me that she got it all worked out with the office and that Jay was set to go to AM Kindergarten on Monday, and that we could bring Em in then too! I was so relieved, but also nervous for what that meant for Jay. He doesn't handle change well, and we just left his first preschool, moved across the country and lived with his grandparents for a couple weeks, homeschooled him during that time, moved to Utah, started public school kindergarten, and now we were switching him to a new time, class, and teacher? Jay has been handling this all so well, but I thought that this was going to be his last straw. Luckily though, he went to school today, claims he likes his new teacher more than the other one, and that he doesn't want to switch classes again. I assured him that wouldn't happen, and that all would be well. 

On the Em front, I woke her up this morning bright and early and we ate breakfast, and headed out the door to school. She was excited to go, and when I dropped her off, she was happy, and I was glad to not have the screaming child as I left the building. An hour later though, I got a call from her teacher saying that she'd been crying since I left. I felt bad for her, but knew staying in school was best for her. When I picked her up at the end of the day the teacher said that she'd calm down for the last 15-20 minutes and was in really happy spirits! Em said she liked preschool when I asked and said she wanted to go back tomorrow, so hopefully day two is less tears than day one. 

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