15 Thoughts While Cooking Dinner

This post is dedicated to the random thoughts of an almost desperate housewife during the dinner hour.

Why am I making stir fry? Derek hates stir fry...

The chicken is still frozen, lets try defrosting it in the microwave.

While the chicken is thawing, I'll chop some vegetables.

Darn it, parts of the chicken got cooked in the microwave. I'm not sure if that's safe. I'll chop the cooked parts off to be sure.

Why are the kids screaming? Is this play or torture? Jay confirms it's play, but I send him downstairs to play with toys to avoid the noise anyways.

Man, these vegetables are taking forever to cook, I'll rinse some dishes in the sink while I wait.

I hear burning noises a minute later, oh great, the vegetables are done.

Oh good, when you mix the semi burned vegetables with the soy sauce, you can't taste the burn.

Derek's still not home, and I'm starving. I'm going to go sit in the shoe closet and eat my dinner in peace while I wait for him to get home.

Crap, Em found me in the shoe closet. Now I have to share with her. I call Jay over and decide to feed him now too.

Derek walks in the door and I'm sitting in the shoe closet, feeding both of the kids out of my bowl while they sit on the floor in front of me.

I explain I was trying to hide so I could eat in peace.

Jay finishes eating and goes downstairs to play. Em is done with dinner and eats two mango pouches and a cup of peaches.

Derek decides he likes stir fry tonight and eats dinner.

I wipe down the counter and declare the night a success.


  1. FYI: There's a relatively new product called Freezer to Plate, made by Good Table (thegoodtablefoods.com). It's wonderful for the last minute dinners where your chicken is frozen. I had a coupon and it wasn't bad. You can always add additional vegetables to them too. Hope this helps.

  2. I laughed so hard at this. I don't even have kids yet but this is exactly how I cook dinner. I have no idea about cooking and my husband still won't tell me what he REALLY likes. I go through constantly like "am I doing this right??" and "is this safe??" all the while my dogs are scratching at my legs to a get a bite of said chicken. I feel (some) of your pain! I Keep on keeping on, mama!