6 Things I Did In College That I'd Never Do Now

I had a friend on Facebook ask today for friends to share experiences where they're pretty sure they are the only ones to have done that thing. I mentioned a 41 hour road trip from NY to Utah when I was 18, and then it made me relive all the awful and cringe worthy things that I did my freshman year of college. How I made it to the age of 26 without being sexually assaulted, beaten, kidnapped, or murdered is really beyond me. If you're entering your first year of college, here are six things I'm maybe not insanely proud of.

itty bitty college Paige

I drove across the country with someone I hardly knew. To be fair, he was a really good friend of my best friend's family. They fully trusted him, and I needed someone to drive across the country with me when my friend's family gifted me a car to take out to school in Utah, so we made the trek together. Nothing awful happened, and he and I are still good friends to this day, but maybe make sure you know someone for more than 3 days before sharing a hotel bed with them is all. This one actually isn't that cringey, I actually like this memory.

I hiked to the top of a mountain in the dark, at 11pm on a first date. Back story, I met this guy at a party, and he liked me and asked me on a date. A couple weeks later we went on the date. He took me out to dinner, and then to his apartment to meet his roommates and play video games, and just when I thought I was going back to my apartment? Wrong. He decided 11pm was a great time to go and Hike the Y, and I didn't like saying no to people, so I went. At the time, I didn't think anything of it, but hiking a mountain in the dark with someone you've known for 4 hours with no other witnesses? Screams red flags. Luckily I'm also still good friends with this guy too. 

I ran the streets, and trails of Salt Lake City, in the dark, by myself. Guys. I thought that it was so fine, and normal to just run out my front door and blow off steam at 9pm in a major city. I also thought it was fine to run up a canyon in the dark, by myself, with headphones in... It's like I was literally looking to be kidnapped. I love running now, but would never run in the dark on my own. 

I also ran on the Provo River Trail by myself all the time, day and night. A girl in my apartment complex got attacked on this trail the week I moved in, and I apparently still didn't care. People would ask, "You don't run on the trail right?", to which I would respond, "Never..." 

Two guys I hardly knew knocked on my door and asked my friend and I if we wanted to get in the car and go to a party with them. And then we did. Back story, I had moved to Salt Lake City about a week before this. A guy that worked in the computer lab at my school knew me, and he quickly learned where I lived, because it was a small school and every one knew, "the yellow house where nine girls live." One night shortly after the semester started, him and his friend knocked on my door and said, "Hey, we're going to a party at The U, wanna come?", my friend and I hopped in the car and left. No real questions asked. 

This last one is the worst. I don't know why I'm admitting all of this online. So I may or may not have had a brief rendezvous with the LDS Singles website upon moving to Utah. I got matched with this guy, he looked normal... then he told me to drive to this grocery store parking lot to meet up with him, where I got in his mini van, and then drove to his mom's house and watched a movie with him in his basement. He then drove me back to the parking lot so I could get my own car and go home. Guys, what is wrong with me. Nothing good ever comes from getting into a strangers mini van. 

My point in sharing all of this is that I feel like my experience with college is normal for people who go to school in Utah. Especially church schools like Brigham Young University, and LDS Business College. If I went to school anywhere else in the country, I know that all of these things would NOT be okay, but somehow in LDS culture, we've come to believe that everyone is inherently good, and to bend the rules is completely fine. The truth is, just because you're going to a church school, in a highly populated Mormon area, that doesn't mean bad things can't happen. In fact they do, and every time it causes a huge uproar. I'm not saying people have to say no to every outing, and never do anything fun, but I think that no matter who you are, or where you live, you should think through the things that you do before you agree to them. Also, ask yourself the question, would I be embarrassed to admit to this six years from now? If the answer is yes, stay home.

Also, I didn't use names in this post because I'm still friends with all the guys mentioned in this post except the mini van guy. Never the minivan guy. My main point is that even though the guys I hung out with were safe, and are safe, that's great, but use better judgement then maybe I did sometimes. 


  1. Oh my gosh, this all sounds like my experience at Utah State! Except instead of cross-country trekking it was a weekend in Jackson Hole camping. So bad.... But at least we found good guys in the end who got us cute kids, right?

  2. UGH, why are we so naive in college???? Girl, same. Hopefully the ladies in undergrad today are more educated as to what really does and could happen!

    Black Coffee Beautiful

    1. I was going to say this same thing Laura! I've had more than my fair share of stupid mistakes, most of which were made in college. Nowadays we just seem to be hearing so much about campus assault, it breaks my heart.

  3. Seriously.... So many dumb (and unsafe!!) things in college. Here's a blog post I wrote on my old family blog about the worst decision I ever made -- I think you'll enjoy it, ha! http://kyleandbritthanson.blogspot.com/2013/02/the-worst-decision-i-ever-made.html

  4. what a experience. actually i've done some crazy stuff in my college time too. lol. well, i learn a lot from your story. Thanks for sharing.