Transitioning To Spring

Remember that time I promised to do weekly updates on my winter capsule wardrobe, and then never did? Well that would be because I'm great at empty promises! Sorry about that! I know more style posts have been requested and so I'm doing my best to fulfill that for everyone. 

The truth is, in doing a capsule wardrobe through the winter I learned a lot of things. Even with pairing down my wardrobe to only 30 pieces, there were still things in my capsule that I never touched the entire time. There were also incidents where pieces of clothing (all my sweaters), got damaged and I was no longer able to wear them. Two from my diaper bag zipper snagging on the sleeves, and pulling a hole in the wool. Another one got a hole from being hung on a hanger. Lots of good lessons learned. 

This week I once again was real honest with myself and got rid of even more clothes that I was hanging onto that I shouldn't. The three damaged sweaters, a shirt that got a huge stain, one that shrunk to be too short, etc...

Since the weather in Utah has been unseasonably warm this winter, I replaced the items in my closet with a few pieces that are good for this in between season where it's too cold to commit to spring, but warm enough that I don't need all the layers and boots. 

Hoodie (sold out, similar)  // Jeans // Shoes 

I picked up a couple pieces from Journey 5. A store that I've shopped at in the past. They're an online boutique shop (and their warehouse happens to be minutes from my house!), and they always have some of the most darling pieces that I love! When I saw this sweater, it just screamed all the Paige vibes and I had to get it. I also picked up a top that I'm super excited to wear on my Valentine's date with Derek next week, so stay tuned for that!  

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