A Sarcastic Take on Easter Outfits

I try to be a very practical person. I don't like spending money if it isn't really necessary, and when it comes to clothes for the kids, if we have enough, and everything still fits, I'm not inclined to go out and buy them an entire new wardrobe for the new season just because. This is actually the first time in parenting where I won't have to buy my kids a ton of new clothes for spring/summer and it feels amazing. All of Em and Jay's shorts from last year still fit, and Jay is more than set on tops. Em will need a few shirts, but aside from that we're set! 

There's been this interesting thing happening in the blogging world the last few weeks where all of these bloggers are all, "The Dress You NEED for Easter Sunday", and "Easter Sunday Outfits For the Entire Family", and it goes on and on. The thing is that most of these bloggers are LDS (Mormon), and we're not going to church this year on Easter because we have General Conference instead. I realized that these bloggers cater to people of other faiths, but it's just been a funny thing that I've noticed, and I've thought, "You're not even going to church on that Sunday, why are you posting this?" So if you're LDS and are going to be sitting around watching conference this Easter Sunday like we will be, here's my take on what our outfits will be looking like this year. 

But I'm just going to take it a step further and admit that I'm even too cheap and lazy to go through the effort to do new PJs, so we'll be rocking the worn out and ragged ones we already own. Or maybe I'll be a fun mom and get my kids some PJ Mask Jammies with a cape on them, because that's what they really want anyways. 


  1. We're wearing Easter clothes the Sunday before Conference. If my kids have clothes that work for spring and look appropriate for Spring/Summer, we don't get them anything. Each year they do seem to need something...and it's the only time of year they get something that's "new" versus hand-me-downs or consignment.

    1. Oh I love that idea! What a special time for them to look forward to getting something new added to their closets! I LOVE that!

  2. I love the General Conference Easter Outfit Idea lol! So fun