How We Do Easter In Our Home

Derek and I could not be bigger opposites when it comes to how we want to do holidays with our kids. I personally don't really love the celebratory aspect of Christmas all that much. I could do without all the fuss, and would love to focus more on the true meaning of the holiday. Derek on the other hand loves Christmas and the magic behind it all for the kids, and I think we've found a great balance with it over the years. 

I LOVE Easter. Again, I like to keep in mind the true meaning of the holiday, but I love all the commercialized fun that comes with Easter as well. Even in high school I still remember being really excited for the Easter Egg Hunt that my mom would do, and always looked forward to my Easter basket waiting for me on Easter morning. Derek's family didn't do Easter baskets, and I think he had a lot of friends growing up who basically had a second Christmas at Easter and it really annoyed him. I made him an Easter basket for our first year being married, and he didn't think it was nearly as fun as I did. 

Now that we have kids, I still want them to have all the fun that goes with Easter, but we definitely keep it fairly low key. We've decided to do a family Easter basket rather than each kid getting their own. Inside the basket are things that we would buy for the spring and summer months anyways, like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, etc... We still do plastic eggs and an Easter egg hunt, but rather than doing it on Sunday, we do it on Saturday so that we can keep the true meaning of Easter happening on that Sunday. Below I'm sharing with you the things that we've bought for Easter this year, hopefully it will be some good inspiration for you as well!

Playdough: Are kids are both obsessed with playdough right now. Em literally sits on the kitchen floor and plays with it for hours each day. We bought each kid a new container for Easter, and at 69 cents each, it's a super inexpensive gift. 

Easter Craft: The target dollar spot has some wooden easter crafts that your kids can paint right now. We bought one for each kid, and hope that it will keep them busy for a session or two of general conference. 

Coloring Pages: I love the Crayola Wonder coloring markers, but getting one for each kid meant I would be spending $15+ on paper and markers for them. I plan on printing out some fun coloring sheets for them and putting them in their Easter basket, and then they can color them with the crayons they already have.

Candy: We don't go too crazy with the candy, but I got a small bag of M&Ms and Starburst Jelly Beans to put in the eggs for the kids to hunt down next Saturday. 

Sidewalk Chalk and Bubbles: These are things that I typically buy in the springtime anyways, and since they were both $1 at Target, it was cheap and easy to put in the basket. 

Dying Easter Eggs: I love dying eggs with the kids, and found this Paw Patrol egg dying kit at Target last night and knew the kids would LOVE it. 

This is our Easter in a nutshell! Share what you plan on doing with your kids and family in the comments below! 

Note: most of these items are cheaper in store than online, like the playdough, chalk, and bubbles, so buy them in store to save money, although . I did link the cheapest online options that I could find for you!

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  1. I love the idea of a family basket! We may have to try that next year! Growing up we didn't really do anything "Eastery" as far as baskets or candy or bunnies. I think I always wanted that so sometimes it's hard to remind myself to not go overboard.