A Special Needs Easter Egg Hunt

We were really hit or miss on whether or not we were going to go to Idaho for Easter this year. At first we had zero plans of going, and then a week before I said that we should go. Jay then came down with a huge cough, and we called Derek's parents and told them that we were no longer coming. They told us to come anyways, despite Jay being sick, but we decided to stay home. Then at the last minute at 3pm on Friday, I felt bad that we weren't going and then all of a sudden I'd packed the car in 30 minutes and we were on the road.

Derek is from St. Anthony Idaho, and this year his town was doing their first annual special needs Easter Egg Hunt. We knew about the event a couple weeks ahead of time, and decided since we were going to be there we might as well take Em.

You'll never know how long we prayed for this girl to have a dirty pair of well used sneakers. 

Going to events like this as a special needs mom are always so emotional for me. I already know our lives are hard, but then you see all these other people who also have hard lives, and often times, harder than what we go through, and you feel the entire gamut of emotions for them all. Whenever we're at places like this I'm always pinching my arm discreetly, but very hard. My motive for this is pinch myself so hard that all I can think about is the self pain I'm inflicting so I don't have to deal with the other emotions I'm feeling, and so I don't cry in public. It's fine, I know I'm weird.

Anyways, we took Em to the Easter egg hunt and she absolutely loved it. Derek held her arms and helped her walk around the field and then held her at the waist each time she went to pick up an egg. Em was surprisingly only one of a few kids her ages there, and it was so funny to see the older kids that were there totally living their best lives and demolishing the egg hunt. One teenager proudly left with about 50 eggs and was beaming. It was the best.

Em scored about 10 eggs, each of which had a fruity flavored tootsie roll in it, and then she also got a couple toy prizes too. It was such a fun little activity for Derek, Em, and I to do together, and we definitely have plans of going back next year too.

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  1. Happy Easter! Wishing you an extraordinary and joyful Easter.May your life be full of blessings!