Our Spring Break Bucket List

The kids are home from school this week for Spring Break and although we don't have plans of a big trip this week, we do have plans that involve lots of fun at home and around Utah. When the kids are home from school I love to make it an opportunity to stay away from media as much as possible and to get outside (weather permitting), or do fun crafts and cooking with them inside. With my kids spending so much time at school this year, I really want to be able to capitalize on the time that they are home, and make it as fun as possible! 

Bounce House: My kids love going to Bounce N Slide in Logan Utah. We've been twice so far, and when I asked Jay what he wanted to do for spring break, this is the one thing he came up with. I wasn't surprised, and it's a place I don't mind going to. It's worth the drive because they have a separate smaller area for Em, and Jay can do all the big slides to his heart's content. The perfect win win for both kids. 

Color Easter Eggs: I realize that we were supposed to do this before Easter, and we did, but we still have a spare egg dying kit in the house, and you better believe my kids will think I'm awesome for letting them do it again. 

Kid's Crafts From Craft Store: I'm so bad at doing craft projects with my kids, but they have been loving doing any sort of paint project lately. I plan on getting them one of those little kits at the store that come with something to paint, and the paint, and the brush, and letting them have at it. 

Bake A Treat Together: I'm going to let the kids bake a treat with me in the kitchen, and then we'll bring some to our neighbors to share!

Clark Planetarium: This is a free planetarium in Salt Lake (you only pay to see the movie), and we have lots of appointments down there this week, so I figure we can throw this in there while we're in the area. 

Great Salt Lake Nature Center: This has been on our bucket list to do for a while, and I figure Spring Break is the perfect time to get outdoors and do it! 

Bank Tour Layton: I've heard that this is a super fun tour to take kids to, and since it's right in our town I figure it will be worth it no matter how lame it might really be. 

Make A Box Fort Outside: We have so many cardboard boxes taking over our garage. I figure we can do something useful with them and have a fun day playing outdoors. 

Make Slime: Because #slime. 

Make A Sensory Bin: This is something that we did a lot in Georgia that we haven't done in months! I figure it will be fun for Jay and Em since we haven't done it in a while, and we can work on hand skills with Em since she won't have any therapy this week anyways. 

Sidewalk Chalk: The kids got this in their Easter Basket this year, so we can head outside and make it happen. 

What things are you doing for a Spring Break at home this year? I would love to know in the comments below! 

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