The Story of Em and the Chiropractor

About two months ago, when we first found out about Em and her hip dysplasia, we really wanted to hit the ground running and cover our bases with every option possible to help her. This means that along with seeing a physical therapist, we also added a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, a pediatric physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor, and a chiropractor into our repertoire.

I know people are super judgey when it comes to chiropractors. When Em went in to get her botox for her hip dysplasia, the doctor asked if we were currently seeing anyone else for her hips aside from the doctors at Shriner's and I told them she was seeing a chiropractor they said, "Well that's fine, but don't expect it to do anything." I wanted to fire back and say, "you're wrong, it's made all the difference in the world...", but I figured today wasn't the day to wear my sassy pants (and Derek was with me and HATES when I get into it with people in public when he's around... like the lady in the Spanish Ward at church that I got into a fight with a few weeks ago, but I digress...) so I bit my tongue. 

When we went into the chiropractor, I was obviously looking for some sort of solution for Em's hips, but what we got in return was so much more. I haven't mentioned this online really, but Em for the longest time was such a difficult child. It was constant screaming, and battles, and whining, and you could never leave her side, and she needed constant attention, but at the same time she practically hated me and only ever wanted Derek, and would cry for him when he was at work non-stop. It got to the point where I would think to myself, "either she needs to be institutionalized, or I do, but the two of us cannot continue down this path forever, or I will go crazy." It was a rough way to live life for... basically the last two years. 

So I bring Em into the same chiropractor who had been helping me with some hip problems that I've been having since we already had a good rapport with him, and immediately she thinks that he's the greatest person ever. He let her play with his skeleton that he had in the office and let her touch his instruments, and she thought it was the best.  Then it came time for the adjustment, and she obviously screamed her face off because she had no clue what was actually happening, but then afterwards, was back to being happy with the doctor again. She's been obsessed with bandaids lately, so he gave her one and sent her on her way and she was happy as can be. 

When we got in the car though, the real miracle happened. I get her buckled in and she's beaming from ear to ear and says, "I'm all better! The doctor made me all better! I'm all better now!" The entire car ride home which is usually full of screaming and drama was replaced with beams of rainbows and fluttering butterflies and unicorns. I had no idea what was going on. The following days were the same way. This child who was so difficult to deal with turned into one of the sweetest kids on the entire planet. 

Since then Em has cuddled in bed with me, let me read stories to her, we've played playdough together at the coffee table for hours on end. She'll independently play by herself all day long after school, or if nothing else, she'll take a nap which is something that she hasn't done in almost two years. I feel like I'm honestly getting back a huge part of her childhood that I've missed out on over the last couple years when we were in the throws of some really difficult times. 

The only explanation that I've been able to find is that, although Em doesn't have Cerebral Palsy, there is a lot of overlap. I recently read this article, where a grown man with CP talks about how he's had chronic pain for his entire life, and how he didn't know how much better life could be once he was able to manage his pain and get it under control. I'm guessing that Em has had some underlying chronic pain that she hasn't known how to communicate to us, and the adjustments that the chiropractor has done, has helped to elivate that pain and make her overall quality of life a lot more comfortable. 

It's crazy when you look back and you can see how Heavenly Father has really had a huge role in every aspect of your life. When we were moving to Utah, I had this VERY strong feeling that we needed to live in this one specific ward boundary in Layton Utah. We moved here, and our bishop introduced me to my friend Jen, who is my running bestie here. Because of Jen I got integrated into the Layton hub for the Utah Running Club. When I had a pretty painful hip injury a few months ago, it was someone in my running club that told me to see this one specific chiropractor over an hour away from my house. After building a rapport with this doctor from my hip injury and seeing how very kid friendly his office was and just knowing and trusting him, I felt very comfortable asking him to be the one to help Em, and it's made all the difference. The last six weeks with Em have honestly been worth every hard day we've ever had. 


  1. That's awesome! I'm so glad Em is feeling better! Life can be hard when kids can't communicate!

  2. Wow. I had chills reading this! I too know that God leads our lives. What an incredible story!

  3. I would love to hear the name of your chiropractor :) You can message me if you want!