20+ Stroller and Wheelchair Friendly Hikes in Northern Utah

I've mentioned a million times that when we moved to Utah we wanted to make hiking a large part of our lives. It seems almost sinful to live among some of the world's most beautiful mountains, and never take full advantage of them. We are in the process of getting Em a hiking pack so she can hike on Derek and I's back, but it's nice to have stroller friendly option for when Derek is at work and we want to take a short walk around somewhere, or if we just want to do something simple for the day. I've scoured the interned and have rounded up 30 of the best stroller and wheelchair friendly hikes in Northern Utah. If you know of any that I didn't mention, let me know in the comments below!

  1. Kay's Creek Parkway| Layton
  2. Beus Pond| Ogden
  3. Ogden Nature Center| Ogden
  4. City Creek Canyon Trail| Salt Lake City
  5. Cascade Springs| Midway
  6. Farmington Creek Trail| Farmington
  7. Snowbird Barrier Free Trail| Cottonwood Canyon
  8. Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve| Layton
  9. Temple Quary| Little Cottonwood Canyon
  10. Ogden River Parkway| Ogden
  11. American Fork Canyon Nature Trail| American Fork Canyon
  12. Cascade Springs| Alpine Loop
  13. Bridal Veil Falls| Provo Canyon
  14. Hike The U| Salt Lake City
  15. Devil's Kitchen| Nebo Loop
  16. Miller B South Interpretive Trail| Big Cottonwood Canyon
  17. Payson Lakes| Nebo Loop
  18. Dripping Rock| Spanish Fork
  19. Jensen Nature Park| Syracuse
  20. Silver Lake| Big Cottonwood Canyon
  21. Thanksgiving Point Garden ($2 Tuesdays in August!)
  22. Provo River Parkway to Utah Lake from Paul Ream Wilderness Park
  23. Murdock Canal Trail Lehi/Orem
  24. Lagoon Trail| Farmington

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