My Go-To Running Products

If you follow me regularly over here, or on my instagram, you know that over the last six months, running has become a major part of my life again. There is something about the combination of me, and living in Utah that just draws me to running. I just love it here more than anywhere else we've ever lived, and I want it to continue to be a part of my life, big or small for as long as I can. 

When I started running long distance after high school I was a very minimal runner. Give me an ipod and a pair of shoes (and sometimes no shoes at all... I did 15 miles in a pair of socks once!), and I was good to go! Now that I'm getting older, wiser, tracking paces more, and trying to keep my body and skin as healthy as possible, there are a number of products that I rely on almost daily. I know a lot of people that follow me were interested in knowing what some of my favorite products for running are, so I thought I'd share them in a cohesive post over here so that they can be found all in one spot. 

Garmin Vivoactive HR: This was my big Christmas gift for 2017 and I love how versatile of a watch it is. You can use it for swimming, biking, running, and many more sports, and it has a huge battery life. I was going to get an apple watch but then saw that this watch can hold a battery for up to several weeks, and can be used in GPS mode for up to 30 hours, which far surpasses the battery of an apple watch. I also love that the bluetooth connects to my phone so I can see text messages on my wrist while I'm running!

Hoka One One Clifton: These have been my go to running shoes. They're heavily cushioned which I fine works well for my back, which is prone to injury. I feel like it really cushions the impact, and keeps me feeling strong. I'm in the market for a new pair and will likely get another pair of these Hoka One One Clifton's or try their Hupana line.

Hat: I'm at the age where I'm noticing sun spots and all the things on my skin. I got a hat to help keep my facial skin healthy, and I've been really liking this one so far. It comes in a ton of different colors, and is just a super inexpensive and great hat for running.

Sunglasses: I never thought I needed sunglasses for running until we moved here and I run towards the west every night after dinner. The sun seriously blinds me! These glasses are super inexpensive, don't bounce on my face, and are also polarized!

Gatorade Protien: These protein drinks are my favorite after I do a long run (usually 12+miles). They have 20 grams of protein and a ton of carbs to refuel glycogen stores after they've been depleted through a hard run or race. They're not ideal if your trying to cut weight or be a body builder, but are perfect for running recovery.

Bottle Caps: Below you'll see the water bottle I love, but I prefer a sports cap that you can push up and down, so these have been perfect to replace the cap that came with my Nathan Bottle that I love.

Nathan Bottle: I wanted this water bottle because it held 16oz and was a little bigger than typical hand held bottles. I also love that the zipper pocket is large enough to hold my phone  (iPhone SE probably wouldn't hold a larger newer model), and a couple energy gels.

BCAAs: I haven't used these much since I stopped Crossfit, but then my chiropractor who runs ultras mentioned that he used them in his water bottle while he did his training runs, and so I started using them again. They're awesome for recovery and to help reduce soreness.

Powerbar Gels: These are my running "GUs" of choice, or commonly referred to as energy gels. These particular ones have a combination of carbs and caffeine which work well to keep me going during long training runs and races.

Asics Socks: I used to not care about what socks I ran in until my seven year old socks from Target started giving me huge blisters. Then I bought these Asics ones a few months ago and there is no going back for me. They stay in place, are thick, but not too thick, and I don't get blisters anymore.

Foam Roller: I don't use this as much as I should, and I actually have it from when I did Crossfit, but this was crucial to marathon recovery for me. My hamstrings felt like death, and then after two weeks I finally used this and felt a million times better. Foam rollers are awesome for stretching out and massaging those worn out muscles.

Lacrosse Ball: I bought this from my chiropractor to roll out my hip and back muscles when I was injured a while back, but I've also found it works amazing for rolling out my feet. My arches have been giving me some problems lately and this has been amazing for that. Now if only my kids would stop stealing it to play with it.

Apple Ear Buds: I know everyone always wants to know what ear buds other people like, and I've honestly have always loved the ones that are from Apple that have come with our phones and iPods over the years. We have about 10 pairs floating through the house and they fit my ears perfectly. I realize that I'm in the minority though of people that love these.

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