Logan, Utah Travel Guide 2018

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There is something that I just really love about Logan, Utah. My senior year of high school, the only college I applied to was Utah State, and even though I wound up attending a different university later, Logan has always pulled at my heart strings since then.

Logan is a great place to travel to whether your kids are all grown and out of the house, or if you have teenagers, or even for young children. There is something to see, do, or eat for anyone and everyone on your list.

Sites To See In Logan, Utah

Logan LDS Temple: Constructed by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the late 1800s, this building stands as an icon to the entire city. Only members of the church are allowed inside, but even for visitors passing through town, the beautiful temple grounds and architecture viewable from the outside are not to be missed. 

Logan Tabernacle: Located right on main street, this building was erected just a few years after the Logan Temple and is now homage to church meetings and other events. Members and non-members of the church are allowed inside to admire the details of the building, and to attend events put on both by the church, and the local community. 

Utah State University: If you're a high schooler visiting town for a travel sports team, it's a great idea, no matter what town you're visiting, to visit the local university. Whether you actually plan on attending college there or not, it's so valuable to see the things that you do and don't like in a college, and the more campuses you're able to visit, the better. Utah State has a stunning campus with buildings both old and new, and a culture and environment that is super friendly and inviting to people who are not from the local community. It's definitely a must see! 

Things To Do In Logan, Utah

Elevation Rock Gym: When I was in college I had a monthly membership to our local rock climbing gym, so whenever I see one, I naturally want to go inside and visit. Elevation has a huge area where you can do belay climbing on the ropes, and another area upstairs where you can do some off rope work with bouldering. They have courses available for all skill levels, making this the perfect outing for teenagers, and even younger kids too. 

Logan Aquatic Center: For me, it's not a vacation if there isn't any swimming involved. The Logan Aquatic Center has a huge outdoor pool along with two large waterslides. It's perfect for kids of all ages, and is super family friendly! 

Bounce N Slide: This is inside a warehouse type building with several large bounce houses for kids to play on. This is our family's favorite place in Logan because there are large obstacles and slides for our son to climb on, and a separate area for toddlers and babies to play as well. This is the perfect place for kids ages 0-12. 

Logan Lanes: Bowling has always been one of my favorite activities, and if you're going to be in Logan, you might as well check out their local bowling alley in between tournament games and such. 

Zootah at Willow Park: This zoo is fairly cheap, and a great way to spend an hour in Cache County. They have a large variety of different birds, and then larger animals like monkeys, raccoons, snakes, bobcats, elk, and more! 

Where To Eat Lunch/Dinner in Logan Utah

Morty's Cafe: Home of what is claimed to be the best burger in Cache County, I ate there for dinner last night and it did not disappoint. The beef was obviously very fresh and the french fries were all you could imagine and more. I'll definitely be heading back with Derek sometime in the near future. 

Even Stevens Sandwiches: If you're looking for a little lighter fare, this place has everything you need from sandwiches and salads. If you're bringing along the little ones, they even have mac n cheese too! My personal favorite sandwich from here is the Cubano, but they're all very good!

Jack's Wood Fired Oven:  If you're traveling with some pizza lovers, Jack's is your go-to for the best pizza in Cache County. It may be the New Yorker in me coming out, but if it's not wood fired pizza, I don't want it. All their pizzas cost between $12-$15, and my personal favorite is the Plain and Simple. 

Le Nonne: This is probably Logan's fanciest restaurant. They serve mainly Italian dishes and their food is to die for! I've only ever had the fettucinni alla pollo, but I can testify that it was devine! 

Best Places for Dessert In Logan Utah

Johnny O Spudnuts: If you have donut lovers, this is the best spot in town. They have a huge variety of various fritters and donuts. My personal favorite was the blueberry spuddy! 

Aggie Ice Cream: This ice cream shop is on the east side of USU campus, and is an icon to the Logan community. Their ice cream is amazing and comes in a wide variety of flavors. Cache County is known for their amazing high quality dairy products, so this local ice cream shop is sure to not disappoint. 

Baked Cookies: Cookie shops are a huge trend in Utah right now, and this one is no different. For $10 you get a box filled with four of the largest, warmest, and most delicious chocolate chip cookies you ever did eat. This is definitely a must if you have a large sweet tooth that needs to be fulfilled. 

Where To Stay in Logan Utah: 
There are many lodging opportunities available in Cache County. If you're traveling to Logan with your travel sports team, the best way to find lodging is through Hotels4Teams.com. Simply put in the sporting venue that you'll be playing at, your dates, and how many rooms you need, and Hotels4Teams will show you the hotels closets to where you need to be. It makes booking for a family or an entire team a breeze! 


  1. Ah, but there are so many more good places to eat there! And to hike. And to play!

    Fredrico's Pizza, Bluebird, Angie's, Cafe Sabor (my personal favorite, in an old railway station), Logan's Heroes, Mandarin Garden, Formosa, Firehouse Pizza (I never get the pizza though. Their salads and pasta are SO good) and the Juniper.

    hiking the dams is great for families! Paved trails, tons of shade.

    Then there's the wind caves up logan canyon. So fun!

    The zoo is technically free (though a donation is appreciated).
    The Fun Park.
    The American West Heritage Center is AMAZING.

    Logan is so underrated. The beauty, the FOOD. Really it's one of my favorite places in Utah

    1. I know! There are so many more places that I wanted to add, but hadn't been to all of them yet! I seriously want to do a weekend food (and hiking!) tour of Logan, that would be such a dream! It really is underrated up there! Logan is seriously THE BEST! Also, I've heard of a Hawaiian food truck that's supposed to be amazing, you don't know the name do you?