First Grade Boy Back-To-School Haul

This weekend I decided to go ahead and get all the back-to-school shopping done and out of the way with so I don't have to worry about it next month when the time comes to actually send the kids to school. August is filled with mine, Em, and Jay's birthdays, and a couple last minute trips before we start school on the 22nd, so having everything purchased and out of the way gives me peace of mind, and the ability to enjoy our last few weeks of summer vacation. 

The weather is still hot here in Utah when we send the kids back to school, so I bought cold weather clothes for the kids, and these will all stay stashed in the dressers until it's time to bust them out. I'll send the kids to school in a cute, and clean summer outfit on the first day, and their new shoes, and call it good. 

This year, Jay needed a complete overhaul for cold weather clothes. None of his shirts from last school year fit, and even if they did, they had more stains, holes, and piling than you could imagine. Luckily, Em still fits into most of her cold weather clothes from last year, so I didn't have to get nearly as much for her (post coming next week!), but for now, here is what we got for Jay! 

1. Lunchbox: For the life of me I couldn't find any of the lunch boxes that Jay had from preschool in Georgia (as I'm typing this I just remembered the box they're in, in the garage!), so I got him a new one at Target. This one is the Cheeky brand, which I love because they donate meals to kids in need. 

2. Bento Box: I don't need to tell anyone that Bento Boxes are all the rage right now. This one at Target though was $12.99, came with two ice packs, has up to five compartments for food, and fits in a standard size lunch box! A total win!

3. Backpack: A few years ago I bought Jay a monogrammed LL Bean backpack, but it was the junior size and when he used it for kindergarten last year, his folder barely fit in it. I got him the normal sized one this year since I'm sure he'll have a lot more things going back and forth to school. 

4. Nike Shoes: I love Nike's for Jay. We got him a pair last year and he wore them every single day, and they almost lasted the entire school year (died two weeks too soon!). These were on sale for only $32 when I bought them, which is a steal for a designer brand!

5. Zip Up Jacket: Last year Jay was constantly cold at school and every time I volunteered in his classroom, he was always wearing his puffer coat while doing school work. This year I got him this zip up jacket to keep in his backpack so that he has something warm to layer up with in the classroom if he needs to. 

6. A New Water Bottle: Everyone I know loves these Eddy bottles from Camel Back. Since Jay's backpack has a water bottle holder, I got him a 120z one to keep in there for school. He's pretty obsessed with it already.  

I got all of the kid's shirts and pants from JCPenny and The Children's place. You can find links to each piece below, from left to right in number order. I've loved The Children's Place recently because they have awesome prices, and they have slim sizes for pants which is super important for our kids, especially Em! 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5


  1. I was really lucky with my kids as we never had to buy new back packs every year and certainly not lunch kits. They also were never into brand names so that was also a relief. And the best thing about them being teens is that they did NOT want new binders (or if one had a zipper issue they tried to make it look old lol)

    1. I know! I love not having to get new backpacks (minus Jay who needed a bigger one this year, but hoping this lasts many years!), and I love that my kids don't know about brands yet, so I can get away with buying them $3-7 shirts and they don't know any different! I do like name brand shoes just because I've found for our kids they last a bit longer, but I always get them on sale, and never full price! And so long as I don't lose this lunch kit like our old ones, this should hopefully last a few years too! I'm a huge believer in working with what you've got!

  2. Those are all such cute items! I just love trakkies for busy little boys. My boys are still too little to go to real school, but we buy all the new pants. Our favorite is to buy from Next UK. They last forever!

    And a HUGE YES to bento boxes! They're a game-changer for kiddos!

    1. This is our first year for the bento boxes, so I'm excited to see how we like them!