Fourth of July 2018 Recap

This was one of the best Fourth of July's that I think we've ever had together as a family of four. Basically anything is an improvement from two years ago, but this one seemed especially magical. We were going to go to Idaho for a long weekend, but Derek wound up only getting the Fourth off from work, so we stayed and made the best of the day as a family of four. 

Once we made the decision to stay, I signed up for the Layton Liberty Days 5k. It was a super small 5K race put on by the parks and rec department in our town, and since I knew there would be a few Utah Running Club people there, I figured it would be a fun morning. I'm in the process of trying to beat my high school 5K PR of 25:30, and yesterday I ran away with a 27:38. 

When I got home I was graciously greeted by two of the cutest kids on the planet. Seriously, when I get home from a race there is nothing more that I want to do than just cuddle my kids. They're the best. Em found my glasses on the nightstand while I was away, and when I walked into my room, I found her wearing them, and I was just gushing over here. Derek too. We gush together. 

Once I showered and got ready for the day we decided to take a group family picture. By we, I mean me. Mostly everyone else hates this I think, but they do it for me and for the blog, so I'm grateful to them for that. 

We went to the Layton City Parade and wound up sitting with our neighbors which was a lot of fun. Jay and their daughter are little besties and play together everyday, so it was fun to watch the parade and catch up with them. Em did so much better at the parade than we thought she would. She happily sat and sucked on a huge popsicle for 90% of the time which made things a lot better. 

After the parade we came home and I started working on desserts for our after dinner treat. I recently got the Anne Romney Cookbook from my sister-in-laws for my birthday last year, and I've found some really good gems in there. I made the white cake recipe from her book and topped it with berries for a patriotic look, and also made her apple pie recipe. The crust looks tragic, but we can just call it rustic instead. 

Once the desserts were made, I had no desire to actually cook dinner so we went with our long time tradition of ordering a pizza on the Fourth of July. We discovered a new place in town, Louie's Pizzeria, and while it wasn't my NY style pizza that I long for, it was definitely better than Dominos, Pizza Hut, and Papa John's... all of which I just can't (team Little Caesar's for life), but as far as getting a better "more expensive" pizza, Louie's was awesome! 

Once dinner was eaten and the kids were bathed, we gave them a bowl of ice cream and sent them off to bed. Derek's sister came over on her way home from Idaho around 10pm, and we woke Jay up and let him come do fireworks with us in front of the house. So many of our neighbors were also doing fireworks, so it turned into one big neighborhood show. It was the best. It was a lot of fun, and definitely a Fourth of July we'll never forget!  

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