Family Room Inspiration Board

Yesterday on the way home from school Jay asked, "how many more days until we move?" I told him twelve more days, and then had that heart attack moment where I realized we move in twelve days and I have nothing packed. Nothing. Not one item is in a box. I think it's because we're only moving eight doors down from our current house, but I have a feeling it's going to sneak up on me like a ton of bricks. 

I figured since we're getting so close to the actual move, it's time I went ahead and actually started planning what each of the spaces are going to look like in our new home. This family room was an addition onto the house, and is going to serve many purposes for our family. It's going to serve as our TV room, play room, and when we have guest come over, Jay will sleep in here, and his room will serve as the guest room. 

Right off the bat this room will be getting a fresh coat of light gray paint. This room is very narrow in nature, and the previous owners used a long sectional to fill the room with seating space, and we plan on doing the same thing. The short end of the sectional will go in the back by the window, and then the back of the couch will run along the long wall. 

On the wall opposite of the couch, we plan on wall mounting our flat screen TV, and then putting this console table underneath it to store all of our movies, remotes, and various electronics. We'll decorate the top of the table with some fake plants and a couple picture frames, and then this area will be complete. Above the TV we want to hang a wooden sign of some sort. I love this family one from Etsy that I found recently. 

There is a short wall behind the door that leads to the garage, and on that short wall we plan on using the same cube storage system that we're using in our current home. We have these gray bins from Target to fill the bottom row, and then toys and books will fill the other shelves. Above the shelf we'll hang this picture of Jay and Em from our home in Georgia. 

We have a fake fiddle leaf fig plant that we're using in our current living room, and our plan is to get an actual pot for it, and then keep it next to the sofa in this space too. 

All the lighting fixtures in this home are pretty outdated, and so we'll likely swap the current ceiling fan for this one that is a little more simple and understated. 

Lastly, we'll hang our temple gallery wall that is in our current living room, and hang it on the wall above the couch in this new space. 

Are you currently redecorating any rooms in your home? I've been dying to take part in the Live Free Miranda Room by Room Challenge, and am super excited to get into this house and get going on that! 

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